Provisional RGDs – apply to receive feedback on your work in a one-on-one online portfolio review

Provisional RGD Members are invited to fill out our updated Virtual Portfolio Review application to be paired up with a creative professional for a one-on-one review session. Taking place completely online, as a participant, you can log on from anywhere for your individual session scheduled based on your availability and that of your reviewer.


Why should I apply for a virtual portfolio review?

This is a great opportunity to hear from an experienced creative professional who hires and manages designers. Personalized feedback from the reviewer will help you understand your areas for improvement both on your design work and how you present your portfolio. You’ll gain insight on what employers are looking for, what to avoid and  how to make a stronger impression with your work.


How does it work?

After you fill out the online application, RGD will pair you up with a reviewer based on your areas of interest and other preferences indicated on the form. The session will take place completely online using audio (webcam optional) and a screen-sharing function. You will be in control of what appears on screen at all times. The reviewer will provide you with advice on your presentation and feedback for improving your portfolio. The review will last roughly 30 minutes.


Who will be reviewing my work?

You will be paired up with a Registered Graphic Designer to review your work based on your areas of interest in design. You will also have the opportunity to indicate your preference from a list of potential reviewers on the application form. We currently have the following RGDs confirmed to participate as reviewers:


Caroline Bruckner RGD, Creative Director at TMX Equicom, Toronto

Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Founder/Creative Director at Blok Design, Toronto

Karen Oikonen RGD, Manager of Design at Kerr Smith Design, Toronto 

Tony Ponzo RGD, Associate Creative Director, Design at John St., Toronto

Jason Recker RGD, Carve Brand & Design, London

Brent Roth RGDCreative Director, Graphics at Perennial Design, Toronto

Jim Ryce RGD, Jim Ryce Design & Direction, Toronto 

Robert Smith RGD, President at Greenmelon Inc., Ottawa

Stussy Tschudin RGD, Principal/Design Director at Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Michael Zavacky RGD, Art Director at McMillan, Ottawa


When will my session be scheduled?

Following the submission of your application, RGD will contact you to set up a date and time for your review based on your availability and the availability of your reviewer.


How do I apply?

Fill out the online application form and provide 3-5 samples you would like to  reviewed. Samples can be submitted as a PDF file within the application form, or can be posted publicly to your profile page on RGD’s Designer Directory. You must be a Provisional RGD Member to apply. To find out more about joining RGD to participate in this program, click here.


Please send questions about RGD's Virtual Portfolio Review program to