Why is Janice Van Eck an RGD?


Freelance Art Director and Designer from Guelph ON Janice Van Eck explains the value of RGD Membership for raising the profile of designers in the business community, connecting with potential clients, and providing a creative pick-me-up for when bad design gets you down. 



My association with RGD began back when I was at George Brown College and I became a professional RGD member in February 1998. I have been able to contribute to the Association in various ways, as part of the Membership Committee for a few years, as part of the mentorship program, through student portfolio reviews, etc.


I have loved being able to attend numerous DesignThinkers conferences, which have been both professionally inspiring and a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and other RGDs in the industry. The calibre of speakers is always superb and it never fails to increase my confidence in the design profession as a whole.


The regional Design at Work exhibitions have provided a place for my work to get some great local exposure and also provide a great opportunity to raise the profile of RGDs in the business community in general.


Over the years, I have had many reasons to value the people behind the scenes at RGD. The team is dedicated and passionate and I appreciate their efforts to promote the work of RGD members to the business community and potential clients. 


As a freelancer, the RGD website and Designer Directory has also proved useful as a way of connecting with companies searching for RGDs to work on design projects. I have also made use of the member discounts that the team has negotiated with suppliers, and have used some of RGD's resources, publications and professional guidelines for quotations etc. 


I like being an RGD because the designation tells clients that they can expect my design work to be of a high and professional standard (without me having to say it!). As the Association grows in numbers and exposure, its value to members like me continues to increase.  


RGDs are passionate about good design—some days we literally live and breathe it. When bad design is getting you down, when Comic Sans turns up in your mail slot or bad kerning on a billboard is messing with your brain, head on over to the RGD website and take a look at some of the great work fellow RGDs are doing!


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