Why is Clifford Viscount an RGD?
RGD's updates and resources make membership a valuable investment for the Director of Viscount Design in Sarnia ON, helping him stay connected to the larger design community.  


Two years ago I moved from Toronto to Sarnia, Ontario. With a population of 73,000 it is a tiny place, but it has been a positive move overall. The most evident difference has been the absence of a thriving graphic design culture. This change has underscored the importance of being an RGD Member. 


Without RGD's resources, living in such a small community would have made me feel very isolated. The e-newsletter, webinars and the extensive video archive are very useful for providing excellent content that is informative, thought-provoking and well-presented. As a result of my membership, I am able to stay up-to-date on salaries and billings, legal issues and other factors affecting our industry. 


I joined the Association a few years after RGD began. I knew that joining this community and the support and resources that it provides would be helpful throughout my career, and this has proven to be true for me over the years. This is why I will continue to be an RGD member for years to come. 


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