Congratulations to the 2015 RGD Student Award-winners
After receiving over 250 submissions from design students attending 33 post-secondary schools across Canada, RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2015 Student Awards. Selected by a jury of 50 senior creative professionals representing a wide range of expertise, the up-and-coming designers listed below have been recognized for their outstanding achievement in graphic design.

"This year was a tough year for judging. There were so many excellent submissions, winners and non-winners alike, it was hard to make a final decision. I was honoured to have the privilege of seeing all of your hard work. Everyone who submitted should be proud of their accomplishments and the effort taken. Congratulations to all of you" - Karen Satok RGD


Winning entries will be featured in a printed awards annual to be distributed to 12,000 design professionals across Canada, as well as in an Exhibit that will be on display at DesignThinkers 2015 in Toronto.


Download a PDF of the 2015 RGD Student Awards Catalogue.


Thank you to our generous industry supporters who provide our winners each with prizes of $1,000 and have helped RGD to distrbute over $250,000 since the program launched back in 1998.


Awards of Excellence


Winner of Bureau Award for Northern Ontario:
Brittney Smith, Cambrian College

Honourable Mentions: Caitlin Brooks, Georgian College; Jennica Robinson, Cambrian College; Matthew Urso, Cambrian College

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Winner of Quarry Award for Western Ontario:
Emily Leung, Conestoga College

Honourable Mentions: Zak Hannah, Conestoga College; Matthew Piotrowski, Conestoga College; Loretta Thompson, Conestoga College

2015 RGD Student Award Winner Emily Leung

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Winner of Kivuto Award for Eastern Ontario:
Emily Buell, St. Lawrence College

Honourable Mentions: Owen Gabany, St. Lawrence College; Vivienne Kay, Algonquin College; Jared Lebel, Algonquin College

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Winner of Tamm + Kit Award for Greater Toronto Area:
Julia Grzeskowiak, York/Sheridan College

Honourable Mentions: Nicole Mannell, York/Sheridan; Lucas Young, York/Sheridan

2015 RGD Student Award Winner

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Winner of MET Award for Western Canada:
Tierney Milne, Capilano U


Honourable Mentions: Wesley Browne, Capilano U; Garret Schauteet, Capilano U

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Winner of BRANDFX Award for Western Canada:
Wesley Browne, Capilano U

Honourable Mentions: Max Fuenzalida, Capilano U; Tierney Milne, Capilano U; Claudia Pasaribu, Emily Carr U of Art & Design; Jocelyn Wong, Capilano U

2015 RGD Student Award Winner Wes Brown

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Awards of Specialty


Winner of Bell Media Award for Motion Graphics:
Lucas Young, York/Sheridan for Design's Identity Crisis

Honourable Mentions: Vanessa Almeida, Centennial College; Devon Ash, Algonquin College; Kristine Buerano, George Brown College; Julia Grzeskowiak, York/Sheridan; Polina Kabakova, OCADU

2015 RGD Student Award Winner Lucas Young

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Winner of Entro Award for Placemaking Design:
Jocelyn Wong, Capilano U for Propeller Oysters

Honourable Mentions: Taekyom Kim, George Brown College; Michelle Lim, Capilano U; Sara Panchaud (with Letitia Calver, Warren Jones & Foad Makki), NSCAD U

2015 RGD Student Award Winner Jocelyn Wong

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Winner of Forge Award for Information Design:
Josh Apostolopoulos, OCADU for Alberta Issues Map

Honourable Mentions: Nicole Mannell, York/Sheridan; Fran Motta, Alberta College of Art + Design; Sara Yong, York/Sheridan

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Winner of Parcel Award for Print Design:
Alison Rowan, OCADU for Like Pixel, Like Paper

Honourable Mentions: Tracy Baker, York/Sheridan; Michelle Clement, Emily Carr U of Art + Design; Laurence Pilon, Concordia U

2015 RGD Student Award Winner Alison Rowan

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Winner of Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design:
Christopher Kohanik (with Jeremiah Alexander Anderson-Ferguson,  Tom Kucy and Justin Medoruma), Alberta College of Art + Design for #TIMEOUT

Honourable Mentions: Emily Buell, St. Lawrence College; Samantha Bullis, George Brown College; Anne Lorraine Uy, British Columbia Institute of Technology


2015 RGD Student Winner Chris Kohanik

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Winner of SapientNitro Award for Interaction Design:
Chloe Negrette,
York/Sheridan for Wandr

Honourable Mentions: Amanda Furukawa, York/Sheridan; Nathakorn Kittananthawongs, York/Sheridan; Bonnie Yau, OCADU

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Winner of Colourphill Award for Typographic Design:
Alison Rowan, OCADU for Like Pixel, Like Paper

Honourable Mentions: Lucas Young, York/Sheridan; Keya Vadgama, York/Sheridan

2015 RGD Student Award Winner

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Winners of q30 design inc. Award for Brand Design:
Matthew Piotrowski, Conestoga College for Southwest

Alexandria Gagnon (with Jordan Maddox), OCADU for Contour & Co.

Honourable Mentions: Aimee Grimes, Capilano U; Alison Lee, York/Sheridan; Paolo Rinaldi, York/Sheridan


2015 RGD Student Award Winner

View PDF, Matt Piotrowski


2015 Student Award Winner

View PDF, Alexandria Gagnon

Winner of 50 Carleton Award for Logo Design:

Brittney Smith, Cambrian College for Vespa Street Kitchen Identity

Honourable Mentions: Marqui Dixon, Conestoga College; Polina Kabakova, OCADU; Kevin Phung, Capilano U

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50 Carleton Award for Logo Design


Winner of Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design:
Joyce Dang, York/Sheridan for Aqua Skins

Honourable Mentions: Zak Hannah, Conestoga College; Keya Vadgama, York/Sheridan

Joyce Dang, RGD Student Award Winner
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Winner of Cundari Award for Advertising/Promotion Design:
Chelsea Larocque, OCADU for Ride Kind

Honourable Mentions: Tiffany Chin, MacEwan U; Sarah Panchaud, NSCAD U

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Nadine Arseneault RGD, Bakersfield Visual Communications, Toronto

Gary Beelik, Parcel, Toronto

Mary Binsted RGD, Mary Binsted Designs, Whitehorse

Sébastien Bisson, Polygraphe, Montréal

Chad Borlase, SapientNitro, Toronto

Sean Carter, Carter Hales Design Lab Inc., Vancouver

Flavio Carvalho RGD, Method, San Francisco

Frank Chartrand RGD, Bureau, Sudbury

Daniel Choi RGD, Daniel Choi Design, Vancouver

Sarah Cosentino, Cundari, Toronto

Claire Dawson RGD, Underline Studio, Toronto

Melissa Deschenes RGD, Design de Plume, Sudbury

Sandra di Leo RGD, CINDERBLOC, Toronto

Byron Dowler, Coastlines Creative Group, Vancouver

Chris Duchaine, Milestone Integrated, Kitchener

Peter Gabany RGD, Limelight Advertising & Design, Port Hope

Shelley Gainer RGD, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto

Benoit Giguere, La Presse, Montreal

Scott Gillam, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg

Wade Gilpin RGD, Sherpa Creative, Toronto

Marcus Gilroy RGD, Sun Life Financial, Kitchener

Amanda Grant, Bell Media Agency, Toronto

Nicola Hamilton Prov. RGD, Chatelaine, Toronto

Jeff Harrison, 123w, Vancouver

Tony Jurgilas RGD, 50 Carleton, Sudbury

Tim Kelly, BRANDFX, North Vancouver

Irina Khvalova RGD, Colourphill Design, Toronto

Chad Krulicki, Quarry, Kitchener

Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD, Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

Audree Lapierre, FFunction, Montreal

Antonio Lennert Prov. RGD, ALSO Collective, Toronto

Gilbert Li RGD, The Office of Gilbert Li, Toronto

Jeremy Linskill RGD, Zync, Toronto

Kathryn Lissack, AldrichPears Associates, Vancouver

Ciabh McEvenue, Tamm + Kit, Toronto

Jeff Malcolm RGD, AdvisorBranding, Toronto

Wayne McCutcheon RGD, Entro, Toronto

Rod McDonald RGD, Rod McDonald Typographic Design, Lake Echo (NS)

Josh McInerney RGD, Modu Design, Toronto

Kim McMullen, Flipside Creative, Vancouver

Wendy Millard RGD, Empire Life, Kingston

Christopher Moorehead, Deloitte, Toronto

Frank Moniz RGD, Mondegro, Toronto

Tara Mundy RGD, Lashbrook Marketing, London

Kelly Nicoll, PwC, Vancouver

Shannon Olliffe, City of Toronto

Laura Piché RGD, The Redpath Group, North Bay

Richard Plantt RGD, schoolBundle Inc., London

Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, Champagne Club Sandwich, Montreal

Tom Rudman RGD, PATTISON Onestop Sales, Toronto

Lindsay Robertson, WestJet, Calgary

Brent Roth RGD, Perennial Inc., Toronto

Gustavo Sanchez, Kivuto, Ottawa

Karen Satok RGD, Sputnik Design Partners, Toronto

Peter Scott RGD, q30 design, Toronto

Dianne Semark, MEC, Vancouver

Robert Smith RGD, Greenmelon, Ottawa

Johnny Talisman, trigger, Calgary

Paul Tetrault, Tetro Design, Winnipeg

Marie-Hélène Trottier, Jump&Love, Montreal

Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Jennifer Van De Vooren RGD, McMillan, Ottawa

Joanna Wiebe RGD,, Seattle

Giles Woodward, Giles Woodward Design, Saskatoon


Click here to download a PDF of the 2015 RGD Student Award Catalog.


If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award in 2016, please email RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at


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