RGD Community Updates: October 2014

Check out what RGD Members have been up to this month! 

Image: Concrete's Applied Arts Design Award-winning project for Tangerine in the Environmental / Signage category 



Congratulations to the following firms for their winning projects in the Applied Arts 2014 Design Awards

- Claire Dawson RGD, Fidel Pena RGD and the team at Underline Studio for SIP beer bottle set (Artist/Design Firm Promotions), Art Directors Club Newspaper (Design Promotion Miscellaneous) and Wayward Arts Magazine (Complete Magazine Design)

- Vanessa Eckstein RGD and the team at Blok Design for Hoi Bo (Complete Design Program), Vuhl (Complete Design Program) and This is Not a Toy (Environmental/Signage)

- Michael Kelar RGD, Mikey Richardson RGD and the team at Jacknife for Mondelez (Environmental/Signage), DesignThinker of the Year Award (Design Miscellaneous) and Commemorative mariner's knives (Artist/Design Firm Promotions)

- John Furneaux RGD and the team at Projektor Brand Image for Planet Kid (Logo/Wordmark/ Brand Identity, Logo Applications)

- Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services for the 2013 client holiday gift (Artist/Design Firm Promotions, Food Packaging)

- Diti Katona RGD and the team at Concrete Design Communications for Casey House (Logo/Wordmark/Brand Identity), Marimekko, With Love (Brochure/Catalogue), and Tangerine (Environmental/Signage) 

- Barry Quinn RGD and the team at Juniper Park for Intergalactic Travel Authority (Craft Illustration) 

- David Taylor RGD and the team at Parcel for Canadian Fabric Magazine (Complete Magazine Design)

- Aimee Wood RGD and the team at 52 Pick-up Inc. for Smart House (Brochure/Catalogue) 

- Michael Zavacky RGD and the team at McMillan for Ottawa Fringe Festival (Poster), Ottawa International Animation Festival (Craft Illustration) and Holiday Cards (Announcements/Invitations/Cards/Kits)

- The team at Flash Reproductions for Paprika Issue of Wayward Arts Magazine (Craft Printing) 



Bob Hambly RGD, Barb Woolley RGD and the team at Hambly & Woolley highlight projects for UTSC, Greenwood College School's Character Building Campaign and more in the latest Orange Newsletter


Career Moves:

Ruth Thorogood RGD is now Executive Director at The Word Guild

Peter C. Wong RGD is now Creative Director at Reflektion

Daniele Behnod Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Richmond Day

Gaetan Godin Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Fuel Multimedia

Stacey Hughes Prov RGD is now Junior Graphic Designer at bbandm

Derek Laforet Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at OpenText

Lydia MacIntosh Prov RGD is now Designer at Colour

Erin McGuire Prov RGD is now Senior Interactive Designer at Critical Mass

Akil Worrell Prov RGD is now Designer at The Brand Factory


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