DesignThinkers 'Bring A Client' Sessions open to Prov RGD Members

Launched last year, RGD's 'Bring a Client' initiative invites RGDs and Prov RGDs attending the conference to offer a client complimentary access to a special DesignThinkers breakout session. For 2014, there will be two 'Bring a Client' sessions to choose from.  


"The 'Bring a Client to DesignThinkers' initiative is a great way to impress upon your client the value of design and the value that you, as a designer, can bring to the table," says Wendy Millard RGD, Chair of RGD's PR Committee. "It's a great way to invite them into our world, wow them with amazing speakers and kick start a conversation about how design can impact the success of their business."


Bring A see Marty Neumeier 

Topic: Creativity in Business

Date: Thursday, November 6 

Marty Neumeier presents on his recent book, Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age. He’ll discuss key concepts such as the Robot Curve and the increasing role of creativity in today’s business environment. Marty is an author, designer and business advisor whose mission is to bring the principles and processes of creativity to industry. His books include The Designful Company, about the role of design in corporate innovation; Zag, named one of the “top 100 business books of all time”; and The Brand Gap, a foundational text for modern brand-building. Metaskills lays out a map to creative mastery in the age of intelligent machines. Marty has worked with companies such as Apple, Sun Microsystems, HP, Adobe, Google and Microsoft to help advance their brands. Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency, he travels extensively, speaking on the topics of innovation, brand and design.


Bring A see Andy Epstein

Topic: Working with in-house designers 

Date: Friday, November 7

When in-house designers are involved in the strategic process prior to the implementation of a strategy, they offer new approaches and  innovative solutions, engaging in creative thinking to produce groundbreaking results. Andy Epstein speaks about how an organization can bring its in-house design team into  strategic projects to foster innovation. He'll give examples of who's doing it right and how. Entering the world of in-house in 1992, Andy created and grew in-house design teams for Commonwealth Toy and Gund. He later restructured and expanded the hundred-person creative team at Bristol-Myers-Squibb and consulted at Johnson & Johnson. He currently heads up a 65+ managed services team for The BOSS Group at Merck. Andy has written and spoken extensively on in-house issues and published The Corporate Creative in 2010.


*Guest passes to 'Bring a Client' sessions are available to RGD conference delegates and Prov RGD conference delegates only. Guest registration is available when you register through the DesignThinkers Registration Form.




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