Why is Adam Léger an Affiliate Member of RGD?
Landscape architect recognizes the value of graphic design in his professional practice and shares how RGD's focus on promoting best practices benefits related industries.


Compared to any other professional association, RGD gives more support to its members, more opportunities for continuing education, more advocacy to advance the profession, and more outreach to the community.


I joined RGD as a student member; not as a student of graphic design, but a student of landscape architecture. Nevertheless, I received a great deal of support. As a non graphic designer, I found the seemingly endless resources and information available on the RGD website extremely helpful for becoming more familiar with the way the graphic design industry works. 


Throughout my studies I encountered projects which required me to develop my style of architectural rendering using graphic design, to improve the aesthetic value and visual effectiveness of my work. Over time, graphic design became a crucial tool for improving the visual communication of my projects.


Towards the end of my formal education, I came to realize the fundamental importance of graphic design in the field of landscape architecture. Effective graphic communication is the most efficient method of conveying complex concepts. When done well, it can give more legitimacy to a project. A professional and creative approach to the visual presentation of information ensures that it is immediately understood and that it can be appreciated by a broader audience.


The link between my profession and graphic design has helped me to understand the value of partnerships between related industries and the potential opportunities to help each other to progress and provide support to the wider design community and culture. 


RGD encourages the type of industry connection and collaboration that is most important in business and promotes best practices that are fundamental to a strong profession. Each time I have interacted with the dedicated RGD staff, I have been more than fully satisfied with the support they provide.


I worked on one project designing wayfinding for a trail built by a local not-for-profit organization. In order to ensure my work met accessibility requirements, I consulted RGD’s AccessAbility Handbook. The handbook is one of the numerous resources which shows RGD’s commitment to informing its membership. Developing best practices is vitally important to the profession and encouraging members to design to a higher standard ensures constant innovation and quality results.


As an Affiliate Member of RGD working in the field of landscape architecture, I strive to improve design in every aspect of my field. Good design is an important consideration among all types of professions, and the principles and practices I use to create visual experiences can be consistently applied to other industries to improve form and function of the work being produced.  

Simply put, RGD has helped me evolve as designer.



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