RGD Community Updates: November 2014

Check out what RGD Members have been up to this month! 

Image: Neology, featured typeface from Shinntype.com, newly relaunched website from Nick Shinn RGD. 



Career Moves

Justin Dzama RGD is now Graphic Designer at Northern Credit Union

Erin Thomas RGD is now Marketing Manager / Graphic Designer at Cardinal Golf Club

Nathan Bylok Prov RGD is now Junior Designer at Gravity Inc.

Andrea Martens Prov RGD is now Freelance Designer/Owner of ALM Design and Marketing and Graphic Designer at UnLondon

Sean Vincent Prov RGD is now Creative Director at Cavara

Sarah Webster Prov RGD is now Lead Graphic Designer at Great Blue Resorts 

Amanda Wood Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at AudienceView


Speaking Engagements:
Stussy Tschudin RGD, Gregory Neely RGD, Arlene Gould RGD and JP Lacroix RGD are speaking at IIDEXCanada


Frank Chartrand RGD and Terrie Barksey Prov RGD of Bureau shares recent awards and new websites for Huntington University, Bristol Machine Works, WallachBeth Capital in the Bureau Bulletin.  

Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services share the launch of Handsome Brut sparkling wine, Protect Your Boundaries website and more in Fresh Goods

Bob Hambly RGD, Barb Woolley RGD and the team at Hambly & Woolley highlight projects for the Ontario Chiropractic Association, UTSC Commons, Harry Rosen and more in the latest Orange Newsletter

​- Nick Shinn RGD launched website redesign for Shinntype.com



Congratulations to the following firms for their winning projects in the 2014 ADCC Design Directions Awards

- Antonio Lennert Prov RGD and the team at ALSO Collective for SickKids Annual of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery (Graphic Design: Silver)

Vanessa Eckstein RGD and the team at Blok Design for Hoi Boi (Graphic Design: Silver), Vuhl (Graphic Design: Silver), Secrets From Your Sister (Graphic Design: Merit), +tongtong (Graphic Design: Merit), This Is Not A Toy (Graphic Design: Merit), ADCC Membership (Graphic Design: Merit), Topix (Graphic Design: Merit), Lab Ciudad (Graphic Design: Merit)

- Diti Katona RGD and the team at Concrete for Marimekko, With Love (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Art With Heart (Graphic Design: Merit), King of Denmark (Graphic Design: Merit), Tangerine, Corporate Interiors (Graphic Design: Merit)   

Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services for Flash Reproductions Holiday Gift (Graphic Design: Merit), Goods & Services Stationery (Graphic Design: Merit)

Paul Haslip RGD and the team at HM&E Design Communications for Fire Family (Graphic Design: Merit) 

Marawan El-Asfahani RGD, Michael Kelar RGD, Mikey Richardson RGD and the team at Jacknife for RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award (Graphic Design: Merit), Jacknife Scrimshaw Blade (Graphic Design: Merit) 

Tony Ponzo RGD and the team at John St for FutureShop Future U Grants (Interactive Media: Silver)

Barry Quinn RGD and the team at Juniper Park for Information is Ammunition AK47 / RPG / Handgun (Advertising: Merit)

- Gilbert Li RGD and the team at The Office of Gilbert Li for The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Images Festival Trailer (Graphic Design: Merit) 

Claire Dawson RGD, Fidel Pena RGD and the team at Underline Studio for Peter Munk: A Canadian Story (Editorial & Book Design: Gold), ADC Toscani Promo (Graphic Design: Silver), UFSS Poster 9 (Graphic Design: Silver), Catapult Journal (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Prefix 28 & 29 (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Wayward Arts Magazine (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Seneca RED III (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), University Affairs Magazine Dirt Opener & Reading Opener (Editorial & Book Design: Merit), Camicities Toronto (Graphic Design: Merit), Daniel Ehrenworth Promo (Graphic Design: Merit), Holiday Beer Packaging (Graphic Design: Merit), Shepley Bulfinch (Graphic Design: Merit)   

Alex Bakker Prov RGD for Wabi-Sabi (Student: Gold), Assembly (Student: Assembly) 


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