Ontario Volleyball Association amends RFP to comply with ethical industry practices as result of RGD outreach
Notified by an member of RGD of a request for free creative work in an RFP for the 2014 Ontario Championships Program, RGD recently reached out to the Ontario Volleyball Association to encourage a revision to their request, which was quickly amended to comply with ethical best practices. 

The original RFP requested that submissions include an example of the proposed cover artwork. After being informed of this request by a member of RGD, Executive Director Hilary Ashworth reached out to Jason Jackson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator of the Ontario Volleyball Association, to inform him that this speculative practice of seeking free creative as part of the RFP conflicts with industry standards, and particularly with RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct.


Mr. Jackson expressed his appreciation to RGD for bringing this issue to his attention, stating "we were unaware of this protocol, though in hindsight it certainly makes sense. I will be sure to avoid this error in future RFPs."


The Ontario Championships Program RFP was quickly amended to reflect a more ethical approach for reaching out to potential bidders and has received many letters of intent.


RGD commends the Ontario Volleyball Association on their consideration for industry best practices and diligence in taking immediate action to ratify the initial RFP.

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