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Recent RGD LinkedIn Discussion Questions:

Is it spec work if the project given is fabricated solely for the assessment of ability?

  • "Technically, if you are being asked to execute a design solely as an assessment of your ability—and it will not be used for commercial purposes—it is not spec work. (from the new handbook)

    In my own personal opinion however, if this is a potential freelance client, it highlights a trust issue. If they can’t trust you that your previous work is proof of your ability, what kind of professional relationship are you entering into? Simply put: for me, it’s a red flag.

How accurate are creative salary guides?

  • They're as accurate as the surveyors' responses. I would hope that they are honest answers—serving the greater good. But in the end, it is what it is. But with ranges in place, broken down by region and other sectors and segments, one can interpret their own learnings. Hopefully, it serves its key purpose.

Request for personal website feedback

  • Great job finishing up your portfolio! There's no obvious red flags that I see, but I do have some suggestions that could help you out:

    - I would probably add some sort of previous/next navigation to your work so you're able to quickly flip through your pieces.

    - I don't really see the use of having a search button considering your website is on the smaller scale. I tried searching "branding" and nothing came up in the results.


Other discussions in the RGD LinkedIn Group:

- We are looking for firms/freelancers who could assist us with layout and programming of our institutional forms and documents. Any recommendations are most welcome!

- Looking for your experience with digital asset management programs, regarding their current scope, assets, workflow, software, staffing and resources.

Could you recommend a good 2D animation place that can take a complex topic and make it easy to understand?


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