Cabana Séguin hits a sweet spot with Issue 4 of Wayward Arts Magazine
When presented with the idea of 'Obsession', this year's theme for Wayward Arts Magazine, the team at Cabana Séguin was inspired to explore a sweeter take on the topic's negative connotations.  


"We considered countless avenues for obsession, but wanted to sidestep the negative possibilities, like society's obsession with perfection, beauty and youth," explains Sara McKenna, Co-Owner of Cabana Séguin. "Sugar hit our sweet spot. We decided to focus on capturing how sugar has threaded itself into the fabric of our lives - a far tastier morsel than discussing the estimated 150 pounds of the white stuff that gets consumed per person each year in North America."


"Ultimately, we wanted the overall feel to be a bit cheeky, have some degree of levity, surprise and absurdity, all the while experimenting with and exploiting the stunning effects and possibilities that Flash, FiberMark and Hansol (Unisource) could provide."



Cabana Séguin appreciated the freedom Wayward Arts provides for the design team. "Having a project that encouraged us to create around a rich, open-ended theme while dipping into the treasure troves of delight provided by Unisource and Flash was a rare and frankly liberating opportunity," Sara says.  


Approaching the project as an occasion for team-building, all members of Cabana Séguin's creative team were invited to participate in bringing the issue together. 


"All ideas were shamelessly poked and prodded, examined and vetted so that the best, and only the very best of the best, were retained in the final design. Once we were truly convinced that sugar afforded us the perfect canvas on which to tell our story, we explored (dare I say obsessed over?) every possible approach this sweet option could provide. Nothing was verboten."



Regarding the process of working on such an open-ended project, Sara says the biggest challenge was an excess of ideas. "The heavy work of refining, rebuffing and reworking the sugar concepts went on until the ideas were diligently polished to accurately express the theme and take advantage of the diversity of technology available."


Ideas that ultimately had to be cut from the final design included the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Sugar Shack, Roger Whittaker's 'Sugar My Tea' and Brazil's sugar cane fuel efforts. Those that made it into the issue ranged from Sugar Ray Robinson to Sugarloaf Mountain; from the lethargic sugar-laden 5 year old experiencing the 'Sugar Blues', to Sugar Beets as a sweet downloadable version of the Archies’ 'Sugar Sugar'; from Montréal’s bilingual star Sugar Sammy to the ultimate Sugar Daddy.



"We work in the business of ideas. We think we hit the nail on the head with our sugar fix. We spread out the good, the bad and the ugly of our sugar stories across the pages of the magazine, and we are just delighted with the results. Flash and Unisource pulled out all the stops for the newest paper supplies, quality finishing work and collaboration, and we are equally delighted that our teams could work together to develop our creative obsessions, while integrating the industry’s latest features. Sweet!"



About Wayward Arts
Wayward Arts is a monthly publication printed by Flash Reproductions, with paper provided by Unisource Canada in conjunction with their mill suppliers. A different design firm is invited to curate each issue, changing the design, layout, colours, mood and paper to reflect their interpretation of the year’s over-arching theme.


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