Why is Graeme Nishida a Provisional RGD?
Provisional RGD Graeme Nishida, Graphic Designer at Brand & Mortar shares how RGD's events and resources have helped him begin his design career and why he plans to become a Registered Graphic Designer. 


I joined RGD as a Student Member just over a year ago. I’ve been very proud of that decision and I’ve since transitioned from a Student to a Provisional Member.


When I first joined the Association, I was absolutely amazed at all of the resources, support and opportunities that were available to me. Being a part of RGD gives me the chance to surround myself with talented designers who share common goals and interests. This camaraderie and sense of community encourages young designers to build relationships with other members of the design community. As a member, it’s much easier for me to take part in events such as the Headstart Conference for Emerging Designers (now called Creative Directions), DesignThinkers and webinars, all of which has helped me gain knowledge and insight into the design world and develop as a designer.


RGD helps me stay up-to-date with what is happening in the industry: what trends are emerging, what projects designers are working on and what events are coming up. Resources such as the RGD Word Newsletter and the Association's social media channels are certainly worth following as a means of keeping up with the latest news in design. (Follow RGD on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram)


I attended my first DesignThinkers conference this year. It was such a wonderful experience that left me feeling enlightened, inspired and recharged. When it comes to being on the “cutting edge”, DesignThinkers puts you in the presence of visual communicators who are the ones doing the “cutting”. My favourite speakers were Mary Lewis, Erik Spiekermann and Paula Scher. They are all very successful, highly intelligent individuals. It was great to hear them share their stories, experiences and work; they reminded me that design can have a positive impact on our world and can be recognized on a global scale.


It’s incredibly important for both new and experienced designers to join an association like RGD. Being educated on the Rules of Professional Conduct, No Spec and other guidelines means that we are all committed to following and understand the set of standards that will help us operate as qualified designers in a way that positively impacts the design profession.


I’m really excited to take the next steps in my career, one of which will be becoming a certified RGD member. Being a part of RGD drives me to improve my skills as a designer. Becoming a certified RGD member would go a long way towards proving to my current and future colleagues and clients that I’m a capable, professional designer who can offer excellent solutions to design challenges and apply my skills to help meet and exceed business objectives. 


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