RGD Community Updates: January 2015

Check out what RGD Members have been up to this month! 

Image: Synth-Q app designed by Don Niven RGD Emeritus


Career Moves:

Paul Browning RGD is now Principal and Creative Director at Browning Branding Consultants

Dario Catana RGD is now Supervisor of Scenography and Media at Canadian Museum of History

Gerard Dolan RGD is now VP, Director of User Experience at MacLaren McCann

Carmelo Galati RGD is now Owner / Principal at Galati Creative Inc.

Grant Ivens RGD is now Marketing Director at Costa Nada Custom Dye House

Aleksey Lisovsky RGD is now UI / UX Designer at Affinity eSolutions Inc

Nicola Hamilton Prov RGD is now Senior Designer, Special Projects at St. Joseph Media

Vivian Lai Prov RGD is now Junior Graphic Designer at Contempo Media - S/Style & Fashion - Sharp Magazine

Sylvie Leveiller Prov RGD is now Junior Graphic Designer at Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Victoria Marshall Prov RGD is now Graphic and Web Designer at Regal Gifts Corporation

Vik Mistry Prov RGD is now Owner / Creative Consultant at First Chance Design

Tatjana Petkovic Prov RGD is now Teaching Assistant at OCAD University

Crystal Wiesner Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Queens School of Business

Mike Wing Prov RGD is now Designer at RedTrain Inc.



Don Niven RGD Emeritus launched Synth-Q, a music-related app now available on iTunes, for which he produced overall visual design and over 800 graphic components.



Ian Chalmers RGD, Iffat Jokhio RGD and the team at Pivot share UX Trends, DesignMeets Voices of Healthcare and more in The Pivot Point newsletter.

Frank Chartrand RGD and Terrie Barksey Prov RGD of Bureau share projects for OCL Trucking, Labrecque Technologies and a talk on Facebook for Business in the latest Bureau Bulletin

Bob Hambly RGD, Barb Woolley RGD and the team at Hambly & Woolley share projects for U of T Mississauga, Quadrangle and more in the January issue of the Orange Newsletter

Philip Yan RGD and the team at GenesisXD announce launch of mobile marketing app, and the GenesisGood operation helping corporations launch social enterprises.  


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