The RGD Student Rep Committee is looking for new members for 2015!

If you're looking for an opportunity to get more involved with RGD, contribute fresh and innovative ideas for connecting students with the design industry and raise your profile with prospective employers, the Student Rep Committee offers all this and more.

Image: Members of RGD's 2014 Student Committee at DesignThinkers in Toronto, Nov 2014


"The RGD student representative committee is a group of committed, outgoing, enthusiastic students from across Canada who are invested in ensuring the RGD student experience is as effective and amazing as it can be," say Student Committee Co-chairs Sam Campbell and Daniela Luchetta.


"We believe in getting actively involved in not only our own future as emerging graphic designers, but in the education experience of future graphic designers to come. We encourage all students to voice their concerns and ideas about how RGD can assist the education experience with us at our monthly meetings, either through their school representatives or by joining the committee themselves. Of course we enthusiastically welcome all new members! If you enjoy interacting with amazing design students from across Canada, and are filled with amazing ideas about how to improve the RGD student experience we encourage you to contact us at , we can't wait to meet you."


Student Committee initiatives include: 

  • The RGD Student Blog featuring resources on design programs, professional development opportunities, events and insights from creative professionals on how to build a career in the industry.
  • Design Disclosures: an event series that invites alumni to present lectures at their schools to discuss industry experiences, their creative processes, and career paths 
  • RGD Student Facebook Page as the main platform for communicating with Student Members across the country and keeping up to date on relevant events and initiatives 
  • And more! 


In addition to the many great benefits of being part of RGD's growing community of Student Members, active participation in the Committee will also be rewarded with a free ticket to the 2015 DesignThinkers Conference in Toronto. 


If you're interested in joining, click here to fill out our online form, select your level of membership (Student) and make sure to check off 'Serving on a Committee or Board' when indicating how you would like to contribute. 


Questions about joining the RGD Student Committee's initiatives can be sent to .