Icograda launces new website as ico-D, the International Council of Design
To better reflect its mission and activities serving the international design community, Icograda has formally changed its name to ico-D, the International Council of Design.  

As a Member Association of the organization, Past-President Lionel Gadoury RGD and Executive Director Hilary Ashworth represented RGD at Icograda's annual meeting in New York this October and voted to support the name change. 


According to a press release from ico-D, the change reflects a global strategy to become an international voice for design, reflecting all disciplines, advocating the value of design thinking, design-driven education and designing as a potent medium for progressive change. 


“Our challenge is to ensure that we help designers to remain relevant, to assume leadership roles and to acquire new opportunities for demonstrating the power of the creative mind in addressing the complex problems that cry out for innovative solutions in a complex global economy,” said Ric Grefé, ico-D Secretary General.
By forging conversation and interaction between ico-D Members such as RGD and others who represent thousands of individual designers across the world, the Council will advocate for the position and value of capital “D” Design. 
For more information, visit http://www.ico-d.org/