RGD announces transition to completely virtual certification process
RGD is excited to announce that, as of January 2015, the process to become a Registered Graphic Designer will now be an entirely virtual process that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 


"Our industry is a diverse, fast-evolving profession. It has been, and is, an interesting process working to make sure the RGD Exam evolves along with our profession," says Rod Nash, President of the RGD Examination Board. "RGD has been able to call on senior designer volunteers from across the province and in Quebec to help us keep the exam's evolution current and relevant."


Previously applicants were required to travel to secure locations to complete the written test component of the Exam. A new online test now allows applicants to complete this component from anywhere in the world. RGD has partnered with FastTest and Software Securewhich provide web-based test delivery and remote proctoring services, to protect the integrity of this component. 


The half-hour Portfolio Interview portion of the Exam will now be conducted virtually, with the three Examiners and Applicant connecting remotely from their own homes and offices using webcam and screen-sharing software. 


Another important change in the process, Applicants' Rationales (required as part of the Application Process) will now be submitted via an online form (in the past a pdf file was required) with the option to include links to high-res images from online portfolios on Behance or company websites.


For more information on the RGD certification process, click here.