#MyTimeHasValue Campaign against spec work gains national attention in mainstream media, reaching thousands through growing social campaign
Last week, RGD Student Representatives launched a protest of the Canadian government's logo contest for the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The campaign has since been shared on social media by thousands and has earned national news coverage via multiple media outlets, underscoring the significance of this issue among creative professionals across the country. 


"There are so many ways the government could have involved students in this project while ensuring each of their contributions was valued," said RGD President Stussy Tschudin, quoted in an article for the Huffington Post. "It’s unfortunate that the process they chose has each student working in isolation, without any real engagement, any feedback, any opportunity to gain from the experience or have their work seen or celebrated by anyone."


In response to the contest, RGD's Student Rep Committee initiated a call to action, inviting fellow design students and creative industry professionals to add their voices to the #MyTimeHasValue campaign. Since the launch of this initiative, 130 individuals and organizations have submitted photos with the #MyTimeHasValue message to the growing Flickr album, which has received over 8,000 views as of today. 



"I am so proud of the response to #MyTimeHasValue," says Co-Chair of the RGD Student Rep Committee Sam Campbell. "It is so exciting and inspiring to know that students are passionate and patriotic enough to stand up to our own government and say that we hold them to a higher standard of ethical design practices. I see a bright future for Canada as a global leader of design thinking with students like these entering the workforce."


To address the issue with government directly, RGD has also partnered with the GDC and the SDGQ in support of a petition encouraging a less exploitative and more productive process for creating the Canada 150 logo. 


In the news:

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RGD has also been approached by The Calgary Herald. 


Show your support for this initiative in the following way:

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the statement #MyTimeHasValue
  2. Post the photo as your profile picture on social media platforms
  3. Share the photo on Twitter with the message: "#MyTimeHasValue therefore I will not enter the @Canada150th logo design contest #Canada150 cc @RGD"
  4. Email the photo to  to be added to our growing Flickr album and featured on the RGD website

Non-designers can also join the movement by sharing 'supporter' images stating 'My Daughter's Time Has Value' or 'My Brother's Time Has Value', filling in the blank with their connection to a graphic designer whose talent and hard work they support.

Join the movement and support the future of the design industry.


On Twitter:

Jessica Hische @jessicahische

Love seeing students take a stand against spec work. #mytimehasvalue


James Victore @JamesVictore:
Dear Canadian design students; smile, have fun and get paid. #mytimehasvalue


Sean Patrick @SeanNSOM:
@canada150th spec work undermines the value of industry expertise. Please hire a pro to represent my country effectively #mytimehasvalue


LaxMeathead ‏@Awetitu:
@canada150th Do you work for free? No? Then don't expect others to. #Canada150 #IDontWorkFree #MyTimeHasValue


Samuel H Campbell ‏@gotakeawalk:
Good design is a conversation between a designer and a client, which can't happen with a contest. So, sorry @Canada150th but #mytimehasvalue


Craig Swistun ‏@pushingrock:
Nice to see #MyTimeHasValue get press. Get paid for your work! I wish more designers understood this.


Christopher Pressey ‏@xtopherpressey:
@canada150th What a horrible idea. Try asking politicians to work for free instead. Design has value.  #nospec #mytimehasvalue


Mustang Sally ‏@BeckieeC:
@canada150th every dollar you spend on promoting this terrible contest could be out towards paying a designer #mytimehasvalue


Cheryl Li ‏@cherylhjli:
Doctors don't operate for free. Developers don't code for free. The #goc doesn't work for free. Neither should I #mytimehasvalue


kitty rode ‏@KittyRode:
#mytimehasvalue is such a great campaign, something I didn't think about when I first saw the @canada150th contest


Helen Brennan ‏@HelenBrennan:
This message should be echoed by designers everywhere. We are professionals. #mytimehasvalue #nospec #graphicdesign …


Meagan Thibeault ‏@meaganyvette0:
Awesome, awesome awesome! I can't even express how fully I support this movement! #MyTimeHasValue


Erin Martin ‏@EMart1n:
I'm digging what students are doing! Rock on –RGD Students launch movement against Canada 150 contest #mytimehasvalue 


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Press inquiries can be directed to Michelle Pereira, Senior Coordinator, Communications, RGD, 1.888.274.3668 x26, .