Why is Jennifer Laing an RGD?
Art Director at Skylight Communication explains the value of RGD's resources for business knowledge, creative inspiration, industry professionalism and communicating with clients.  


Why is RGD important? Here is a little bit about my experience during the 10 years I’ve been a member.


As a member, I’ve been able to make use of many of the resources RGD provides. The Business of Graphic Design handbook and the CreativeEarners Salary Survey both provide information that is relevant to me as a professional designer, which I refer to regularly. I have also taken advantage of opportunities offered for continued learning through seminars and webinars put on by peers and experts in different aspects of the field.


As a sole proprietor I especially value the connection RGD provides to the larger design community. Being a member helps me keep up with trends and keeps me inspired! The annual DesignThinkers Conference is a favourite event. Each year, influential speakers from a variety of different disciplines remind me to think of design as it relates to all aspects of life and inspire me to consider new possibilities within my creative practice. 


RGD’s importance to the design community is most evident when I can refer clients to my professional association. When questions arise about why designers won't do spec work or when I encounter situations that might fall under 'unethical professional practice', RGD presents a clear message on behalf of the entire industry. My RGD designation represents a level of professionalism that clients appreciate. 


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