Call for Accessibility-focused Case Studies
RGD invites creative professionals to submit case studies that highlight projects with a focus on accessible design elements. 


With the introduction of the Accessibility Standard for Information and Communications, there is an urgent need for guidelines and tools to achieve accessibility in every graphic design project. From websites to environmental graphics, it is essential to understand design's role in making information and experiences accessible to all audiences. 


RGD's Accessibility Website showcases case studies that illustrate design's power to ensure projects can be accessed, understood and enjoyed by everyone. Canadian design professionals are invited to put forward print, digital and environmental graphic projects with a specific focus on accessibility considerations to be featured on the site and in RGD's weekly e-newsletter, RGD Word


Case study submissions will be asked to address the following:

  • Why was the project initiated by the client? When was it determined that accessibility needed to be addressed?
  • What were the goals of the project? Who was the target audience
  • What resources were consulted / info-gathering methods used during the design process? 
  • In what ways was accessibility incorporated at each stage of the design?
  • What tools/ processes/ techniques were used to ensure the project would meet accessibility standards?
  • What was the process for testing accessibility for the project?
  • Describe 2-3 specific features of the site that contribute to its overall accessibility
  • Describe 2-3 specific circumstances or challenges related to accessibility you encountered while working on this project and how they were addressed.
  • How was the success of this project measured?


If you're interested in contributing an accessibility-focused case study, email


For more information on RGD's Accessibility Initiative, visit