Congratulations to the 2014 RGD Student Award-winners
After receiving over 250 high-quality submissions from graphic design students across Canada, RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Student Awards. Selected by a jury of 50 award-winning creative professionals representing a wide range of expertise, the designers listed below have been recognized for their outstanding achievement in graphic design.

"The work I saw in the RGD Student Awards this year was exceptional. It was not only refreshing to see, but inspiring. The quality and attention to detail was well beyond a student level. Congratulations to everyone who submitted!" - Karen Satok RGD, Judge for the Brand Design Category 


“It was a pleasure to be included in the jury for this year's competition. I have to admit that it was really difficult to choose the winners. I look forward to sharing the work with friends and clients once the winning projects are made public.” - Irina Khvalova RGD, Judge for the Typographic Design Category


“The quality of the work has been outstanding.” – Jean Pierre Lacroix RGD, Judge for the Packaging Design Category


Winning entries will be featured in a printed catalogue to be distributed with Designedge Magazine, as well as in the Student Awards Exhibit which will be on display at the Toronto Pearson International Airport from September 18 to November 3, 2014. 


Thank you to the generous industry leaders who have made it possible to reward winning entrants with prizes of $1,000 each. 


Awards of Excellence


Winner of 50 Carleton Award for Northern Ontario:

Kelly Ann McNamara, Cambrian College 

Honourable Mention: Sylvie Leveiller, Cambrian College

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Winner of Bureau Award for Northern Ontario:

Gaëtan Godin, Cambrian College 

Honourable Mention: Chrisanne Daniel, Cambrian College 

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Winner of Cineplex Digital Solutions Award for Western Ontario:

Morgan Rose, Conestoga College

Honourable Mention: Allysha Bendik, Conestoga College

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Winner of Quarry Award for Western Ontario:

Zak Hannah, Conestoga College

Honourable Mention: Lin Oosterhoff, Conestoga College 

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Winner of Empire Life Award for Eastern Ontario:

Anna Odeh, Algonquin College

Honourable Mention: Amy Hamilton, St. Lawrence College

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Winner of Cinnamon Toast Award for Eastern Ontario:

Nick MacDougall, Algonquin College


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Winner of Cundari Award for Greater Toronto Area:

Cecilia Uhr, York/Sheridan

Honourable Mention: Heather Luscher, York/Sheridan

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Winner of Tamm + Kit Award for Greater Toronto Area:

Tiffany Chan, York/Sheridan

Honourable Mention: Lily (Hang) Li, York/Sheridan

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Winner of Signals Award for Western Canada:

Alex Bakker, Capilano U

Honourable Mention: Mustaali Raj, Capilano University 

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Awards of Specialty


Winner of Bell Media Award for Motion Graphics: 

Nora Leca, York/Sheridan: A Designer's Arsenal 

Honourable Mentions: Julia Grzeskowiak, York/Sheridan; Joana Patrasc, OCAD U

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Winner of Entro Award for Placemaking Design:

Ansel Schmidt, OCAD U: Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition 2014

Honourable Mentions: Natasha Aggarwal, ACAD; Rebecca Jacobs, York/Sheridan 


Winner of Forge Award for Information Design:

Lin Oosterhoff, Conestoga College: KYKLOS

Honourable Mentions: Nathakorn Kittananthawongs, York/Sheridan; Chelsea Larocque, OCAD U; Jennifer Zhang, York/Sheridan 

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Winner of Harlequin Award for Print Design:

Alex Bakker, Capilano U: Wabi-Sabi: A beauty of things unconventional 

Honourable Mentions: Heather Luscher, York/Sheridan; Julia Grzeskowiak, York/Sheridan 

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Winner of Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design:

Sarah Minor, George Brown College: What's #YourCall? 

Honourable Mentions: Javier Olivares, ACAD; Alisa Proshunina, ACAD 

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Winner of Normative Award for Interaction Design:

Haiqing Lu, York/Sheridan: Familr

Honourable Mentions: Garret Schauteet, Capilano University; Sarah Minor, George Brown College 

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Winner of Parcel Award for Typographic Design:

Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr, Université du Québec à Montréal: Montreal Racket Club

Honourable Mentions: Lucas Young, York/Sheridan; Julia Grzeskowiak, York/Sheridan; Tracy Baker, York/Sheridan 

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Winner of q30 design Award for Brand Design:

Helen Marton, York/Sheridan: The Textile Museum of Canada (TMC)

Honourable Mentions: Lin Oosterhoff, Conestoga College; Nick Macdougall, Algonquin College 

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Winner of Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design:

Cecilia Uhr, York/Sheridan: WHITEBITES

Honourable Mentions: Ann (Ping) Lu, York/Sheridan; Diana Castaneda, Capilano U

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Debbie Adams RGD, Adams & Associates, Toronto

Gary Beelik, Soapbox Design Communications, Toronto

John Belisle, Signals Design, Vancouver

Gurjot Bhuller RGD,  Envision Online Media, Ottawa

Randal Boutilier RGD, 12thirteen Design Inc., Toronto

Julian Brown RGD, ON THE CHASE!, Toronto

Simon Burn RGD,  Right Hand Drive Creative, Toronto

Frank Chartrand RGD, Bureau, Sudbury

Clinton Clarke RGD, Peterborough

Sarah Cosentino, Cundari, Toronto

Chris Duchaine, Quarry Communications, Kitchener

Angie Fahlman RGD, Diverse Designs Inc., Hamilton

Mark Falkins RGD, BMR, Toronto

Celina Fischer RGD, CBC News, Toronto

Mike Freeman RGD, Industrial, Ottawa

John Furneaux RGD, Projektor Brand Image, Toronto

Russell Gibbs RGD, Russell Gibbs Design, Dundas

Elaine Gillen RGD, Ottawa

Derwyn Goodall RGD, Adams & Associates, Toronto

Ian Grais, Rethink CommunicationsVancouver & Toronto

Neal Halverson RGD, Armstrong Fluid Technology, Toronto

Bronwyn Hammell, Cinnamon Toast, Ottawa

Yails Hernandez RGD, TTC, Toronto

Robin Honey RGD, Honey Design, London

James Hubbarde, Bell Media, Toronto

Blair Johnsrude, Normative, Toronto

Iffat Jokhio RGD, Pivot Design Group, Toronto

Tony Jurgilas RGD, 50 Carleton, Sudbury

Irina Khvalova RGD, Colourphill Design, Toronto

Brent King, Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo

Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD,  Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

Luba Magnus, Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo

Wayne McCutcheon RGD, Entro Communications, Toronto

Ciabh McEvenue, Tamm + Kit, Toronto

Wendy Millard RGD, Empire Life, Kingston

Margie Miller, Harlequin Enterprises, Toronto

Phil Mondor RGD, Studio Locale, Kitchener

Bronwyn Mondoux, Cinnamon Toast, Ottawa

Noël Nanton RGD,  Typotherapy, Toronto

Megan Oldfield RGD, Coolaide Design, Toronto

Jason Pearl, Grip Limited, Toronto

Terry Polyak, Milestone Integrated Marketing, Cambridge

Jason Recker RGD, Carve Design, London

Glenda Rissman RGD, q30 design, Toronto

Brent Roth RGD, Perennial Design, Toronto

Karen Satok RGD, Sputnik Design Partners, Toronto

Jennifer Schelfhaut RGD, TD Bank Group, Toronto

Jennifer Shadbolt RGD, Piccadilly Communications, Toronto

Laura Shaw, Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo

Charles Smith RGD, Ryan/Smith, Ottawa

Jennifer Taback RGD, Design Deplume, Sudbury

Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Nicole Vallee RGD, Domino Creative, Ottawa

Barbara Woolley RGD,  Hambly & Woolley Inc., Toronto


To date, RGD has distributed over $229,000 in cash awards to graphic design students in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

RGD's Student Awards program brings industry professionals together with emerging designers to promote excellence and encourage the next generation of design professionals to the highest levels of creativity, innovation and conceptualization.


If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award in 2015, please contact RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, by email at .


Click here to download a PDF of the 2014 RGD Student Award Catalog. 



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