2013 RGD Student Award-winners announced
RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Student Awards! Selected by a jury of 50 award-winning creative professionals from, seventeen $1,000 Awards, sponsored by industry leaders, were distributed in recognition of outstanding achievement in all areas of graphic design.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and congratulations to all of the talented winners!

Download the brochure here.

Awards of Excellence

TTC Creative Award for Northern Ontario
Tom Beltrame, Cambrian College, Sudbury

Tom Beltrame - RGD Student Award Winner

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50 Carleton Award for Northern Ontario
Chantal Abdel-Nour, Cambrian College, Sudbury


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McMillan Award for Eastern Ontario

Mike Wing, St. Lawrence College, Kingston

Mike Wing - 2013 RGD Student Awards Winner

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Cinnamon Toast Award for Eastern Ontario
Amy Hamilton, St. Lawrence College, Kingston

Amy Hamilton - 2013 RGD Student Awards Winner

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Quarry Communications Award for Western Ontario
Kevin Tome, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Kevin Tome - 2013 Student Awards Winner

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Hagon Design Award for Western Ontario
Loretta Ryan, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Loretta Ryan - 2013 RGD Student Awards Winner

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Forge Design Award for GTA
Heather Wimmi, York/Sheridan, Toronto

Heather Wimmi

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TAXI Canada Award for GTA
Jenny Lien, George Brown College, Toronto

Jenny Lien

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Awards of Specialty

q30 Design Award for Branding
Erica Yasuda, York/Sheridan, Toronto

Erica Yasuda

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Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging
Loretta Ryan, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Loretta Ryan

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Entro Award for Information Design
Jiani Lu, York/Sheridan, Toronto

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Bell Media Award for Motion Graphics
Ming Mikaeo (Piyaphong), OCADU, Toronto


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Riordon Design Award for Typography
Pallavi Thampi, OCADU, Toronto


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Critical Mass Award for Web Design
Branko Dundjerovic, Algonquin College, Ottawa


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Bureau Award for Digital Marketing Design

Terrie Barksey, Cambrian College, Sudbury

Terry Barksy

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Interbrand Award for Corporate Design (bestowed on two students)
Scott McNeill, George Brown College, Toronto

Scott McNeill

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Jean-Rene Lagace, Humber College, Toronto

Jean-Rene Legace

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Harlequin Award for Print Design
Suk Young Won, George Brown College, Toronto

Suk Young Wong

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Honourable Mentions

Justine Anweiler, ACAD; Juli Apolloni, Georgian; Terrie Barksey, Cambrian; Dylan Belyk-Seymour, York/Sheridan; Kendra Boyles, York/Sheridan; Katrina Densmore, Conestoga; Jemuel Datiles, York/Sheridan; Talia Dimerman, OCADU; Branko Dundjerovic, Algonquin; Eman El-Fayomi, York/Sheridan; Franziska Erlebach, York/Sheridan; Kimberley Fabiano, George Brown; Monica Herrera, Seneca; Dennis Houle, Sault; Warren Jones, Conestoga; Reginald Leung, OCADU; Jenny Lien, George Brown (2); Edwin Lim, ACAD; Andrew McNamara, Cambrian; Eric Moss, Sault; Noah Ortmann, OCADU; Morgan Rose, Conestoga; Jason Sanders, Cambrian; Pallavi Thampi, OCADU; Tina Tran, St. Lawrence; Chris Wong, York/Sheridan (2); Michelle Wu, York/Sheridan; Danielle Zablocki, York/Sheridan; Adam Zabunyan, York/Sheridan; Teresa Yung, York/Sheridan


Jeff Anton, Senior Art Director, Quarry Integrated Communications
Tammy Barrett RGD, Director, Marketing and Trade, Carlton Cards
Julian Brown RGD, Creative Director, ON THE CHASE!
David Carmichael RGD, Senior Graphic Designer, Pet Valu
Christian Castel RGD, Creative Director, Tango Media Group
Ian Chalmers RGD, Design Director, Pivot Design Group
Frank Chartrand RGD, Founder, Bureau
Scott Christie RGD, Creative Director, Interbrand
Dave Cooper RGD, Creative Director, TTC Creative
Claire Dawson RGD, Partner, Underline Studio
Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Principal, Blok Design
Bev Forster, Creative Director, BMO Financial Group
Vincent Galante RGD, Principal, The Pixel Shop
Wendy Gray RGD, Creative Director, Gravity
Russell Gibbs RGD, Principal, Russell Gibbs Design
Silvio Hajdin RGD, UI/Visual Designer, 10 West Design
Ben Hagon RGD, Principal, Hagon Design
Bob Hambly RGD, Creative Director, Hambly & Woolley
James Hubbarde, Senior Director, Design and Brand, Bell Media
Doug Jackson RGD, Creative Director, Accurate Design
Tony Jurgilas RGD, Design Strategist, 50 Carleton
Monic Kessler RGD, Managing Partner, Ove Brand | Design
Sandy Korkola RGD, Partner & Creative Director, Korkola Design
Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD, President, Shikatani Lacroix
Cathy Ledden RGD, Creative Director, Ledden Design
Gilbert Li RGD, Principal, The Office of Gilbert Li
Tina Mackenzie RGD, Manager/Creative Services, City of Mississauga

Erin Martin, Art Director & Co-Founder, Him and Her
Gord McTaggart RGD, Associate, Entro
Wendy Millard RGD, Design Manager, Empire Life
Margie Miller, Creative Director, Harlequin Enterprises
Bronwyn Mondoux RGD, Creative Director, Cinnamon Toast
Megan Oldfield RGD, Creative Director, Coolaide Design
Jason Pearl, Interactive Studio Manager, Grip Limited
Fidel Pena RGD, Creative Director/Partner, Underline Studio
Laura Piché RGD, Manager, Global Marketing, The Redpath Group
Richard Plantt RGD, Senior Designer, schoolBundle Inc.
Kaye Puhlmann, VP Creative, Critical Mass
Barry Quinn RGD, Creative Director, Design, Juniper Park
Brian Ready RGD, Manager, Graphic Services, SunLife Financial
Mikey Richardson RGD, Partner, Creative, Jacknife Design
Ric Riordon RGD, Design Director, Riordon Design
Mark Roberts RGD, VP Creative, Davis
Peter Scott RGD, Principal, q30 design
Lindsay Smail RGD, Creative Director, Liberal Caucus Ontario
Robert Smith RGD, Creative Director/Owner, Greenmelon inc.
Stephen Tasker, Designer, TAXI
Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Managing Partner, Forge Media + Design
Michael Zavacky, Art Director, McMillan Agency

To date, RGD has distributed over $215,000 in cash awards to graphic design students in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

RGD's Student Awards program brings industry professionals together with emerging designers to promote excellence and encourage the next generation of design professionals to the highest levels of creativity, innovation and conceptualization.


If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award in 2014, please contact RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, by email at .


Click here to download a PDF of the 2013 RGD Student Award Catalog.

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