RGD launches PR initiative to generate awareness and build profile for Canadian design
Through the efforts of RGD's PR Committee with the support of PR and Marketing firm Idea Workshop, RGD is excited to announce a new publicity initiative that will benefit the Association and its members by raising the profile of RGD and professional graphic designers in the Canadian media. 


"I would like to congratulate RGD’s PR Committee Members, in particular RGD Directors Bob Hambly, Brent Long and Committee Chair Wendy Millard for their amazing work on behalf of our Members," says RGD President Stussy Tschudin. "Through their efforts, RGD has confirmed important partnerships with communications and business organizations like IABC and has developed a new Design at Work program to highlight the value members bring to their communities. With the launch of this new campaign, we will reinforce our efforts to promote the Association and the visibility of the RGD designation." 


The multi-faceted campaign will include a Media Roundtable event, inviting business and industry media to connect with creative professionals and corporate leaders whose organizations have thrived as a result of the value placed on design excellence. Outreach will also include business profile pitches to national and regional media. 


Spokesperson training, support for key message development, press release templates and media tip sheets will also be part of the new initiative to help equip RGD members with tools for effective positioning and promotion. 


By taking these steps to establish valuable media connections and develop a toolkit of relevant public relations resources and strategies, RGD will strengthen the platform for our message and achieve greater outreach for the Association's programs and initiatives.