RGD announces Board of Directors for 2015

RGD's Annual General Meeting took place on April 30 to review the Association's accomplishments over the past year and elect Directors to the Board for 2015/2016. In addition to our returning and re-elected Board members, the Association is excited to welcome two new Directors: Jesse Gibb RGD from London and Vanessa Eckstein RGD from Toronto. 


The RGD Directors re-elected to the Board are Donna Braggins, Julian Brown, Tina Mackenzie, Wendy Millard and Karen Satok. 


President Stussy Tschudin RGD and our Committee Chairs presented reports on the organization's progress in 2014 and so far in 2015. Notable achievements included:

In 2015, RGD will focus on:

  • Changes to the RGD Certification Exam to include a section on  Accessible Design (replacing History) and new questions for the Business section based on the new edition of The Business of Graphic Design
  • Public relations campaign including media roundtable, national and regional business profile pitches, spokesperson training, key message development and more
  • Development of new programs and opportunities for RGDs and Prov. RGDs attending DesignThinkers, including speaker opportunities, new networking sessions and roundtable discussion lunches
  • Launch of RGD's new Design at Work Program in communities across Ontario
  • Development of a special workshop event to coincide with DesignThinkers where professionals, who have been recognized in our So(cial) Good Design Awards, come together to develop human-centered design solutions to problems that challenge our community.
  • Other programs and initiatives designed to build awareness of the RGD designation, raise standards in our industry and support the adoption of best practices across our community and beyond


RGD 2015 Board of Directors consists of:


President: Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Toronto

Past President: Lionel Gadoury RGD, Toronto

VPs: Julian Brown RGD, Toronto (Ethics); Bob Hambly RGD, Toronto (Communications); Tina Mackenzie RGD, Mississauga (Membership); Karen Satok RGD, Toronto (Education)

Secretary: Wendy Millard RGD, Kingston

Treasurer: Randal Boutilier RGD, Toronto

Directors: Donna Braggins RGD, Toronto; Russell Gibbs RGD, Dundas; Brent Long RGD, Markham; Umar Shahzad RGD, Markham; 

Ex Officio: Sam Campbell Student RGD, Kingston; Christina Dery Provisional RGD, Toronto


For more information on RGD's Board of Directors, click here.

For details on RGD's Committees, click here.


A recording of the Annual General Meeting is available for Members of RGD to view online here (visit the Members Only section for the password).