RGD announces Board of Directors for 2016

RGD's Annual General Meeting took place on April 28 to review the Association's accomplishments over the past year and elect Directors to the Board for 2016/2017.


The RGD Directors re-elected to the Board are Randal Boutilier, Bob Hambly, Brent Long, and Stussy Tschudin. Newly elected are Megan Oldfield RGD, Laura Sellors RGD and Jennifer Taback RGD.


RGD 2016 Board of Directors consists of:


President: Stüssy Tschudin RGD

VPs: Julian Brown RGD (Ethics); Bob Hambly RGD (Communications); Brent Long RGD (Membership); Karen Satok RGD (Education)

Secretary: Megan Oldfield RGD

Treasurer: Randal Boutilier RGD

Directors: Donna Braggins RGD; Vanessa Eckstein RGD; Jesse Gibb RGD; Brent Long RGD; Tina Mackenzie RGD; Wendy Millard RGD; Laura Sellors RGD; Jennifer Taback RGD

Ex Officio: Christina Dery Provisional RGD; Brian Kall Student RGD


For more information on RGD's Board of Directors, click here.

For details on RGD's Committees, click here.


A recording of the Annual General Meeting is available for Members of RGD to view online here (visit the Members Only section for the password).