Principles for a Sustainable Design Practice

Resource provided by Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD, President of Shikatani Lacroix


The evaluation of great design can be very subjective however however how you manage your client's business is not. Most relationships fall apart not due to the quality of the work but more importantly how clients feel valued by their agencies.



Click here to download the presentation slides of the webinar presented by Jean Pierre Lacroix on May 7, 2015.



Author: Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD 

When it comes to the design industry, Shikatani Lacroix President Jean-Pierre Lacroix is always one step ahead in the branding and design game. A visionary design thinker, author and speaker, JP maintains an unwavering focus on the latest and emerging trends. Driven to produce measurable results through strategic insights, he is committed to helping brands own the consumers’ “at-purchase moment”. JP’s past industry involvement as a board member with the Packaging Association of Canada, Design Industry Advisory Committee, Retail Council of Canada, the Canadian Marketing Association, Signs Canada, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, and the Association of Registered Graphic Designers has enabled him to assist clients in identifying the leading packaging, retail and digital trends that affect their branding initiatives. Since opening the Shikatani Lacroix doors more than 25 years ago, JP has grown this company into one of the most respected and sought after multi-disciplinary strategic design agencies in the world. Along the way, he has developed a reputation as a true innovator and first-rate problem-solver, with expertise in providing clients with unique, results-driven solutions for their product and service needs. Questions can be emailed to