RGD Community Updates: June 2015

Graphic from the July/August issue of Applied Arts magazine, designed by the team at Jacknife.

Check out what RGD Members have been up to the last month! 


Michael Kelar RGD, Michael Richardson RGD, and their team at Jacknife Inc guest art directed the latest issue of Applied Arts and were featured on It's All Style To Me on June 23 with a behind the scenes video of a photoshoot they did for Square One.

Claire Dawson RGD and Fidel Pena RGD and their team at Underline Studio has completed branding for Counter Tax Lawyers. Check out the new logo on Instagram here.

Sandra Di Leo RGD and the team at CINDERBLOC Inc. completed a rebranding for Boss Supplements. Check it out here.

Carey George RGD and his team at Goods & Service Branding wrote, designed and developed the new website for Handsome Brut.

Bob Hambly RGD gave the keynote address at the SUNYCUAD Conference held in Rochester, NY.

Destiny Kieffer RGD was featured in The Post for her collaboration with local student Simon Blakeney on a new logo for Launch Pad youth activity and technology centre.

Gilbert Li RGD and His Office has had two of the books they designed make Canadian Art's summer reading list.

Stüssy Tschudin RGD and Greg Neely RGD their team at Forge Media + Design was chosen by First Gulf to design the wayfinding and placemaking experience for the new Globe and Mail headquarters.


Career Moves

Bruce Wrighte RGD is now 2nd Assistant Art Director at Directors Guild of Canada - Ontario

Slavica Zlatar-Banika RGD is now Creative Director at Centric Health

Sylvie Leveiller Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Dollarama

Leslie Martin Prov RGD is now Freelance Graphic Designer at IGNITE Creations Corp

Eric McManus Prov RGD is now Web and Graphic Designer at WipWare Inc

Andreia Pereira Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Strong Fitness Magazine

Anshika Takoor Prov RGD is now Junior UI / UX Designer at Junction Design



Lionel Gadoury RGD, Catherine Jevons RGD and their team at Context Creative won 6 awards at the Summit International Awards. Two gold, two silver and two bronze for clients Toronto Hydro, Hydro One, Archives of Ontario and Ideacity.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD and his team at Shikatani Lacroix has received the 2015 ICX Excellence Award for digital retail design of the Toronto Blue Jays flagship retail store.


The following RGDs were recognized in the 2015 Applied Arts Design Awards Annual: Julian Brown RGD, ON THE CHASE!; Flavio Carvalho RGD, Sid Lee; Claire Dawson RGD, Underline Studio; Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Blok Design; Carey George RGD, Goods & Service Branding; Diti Katona RGD, Concrete Design Communications; Fidel Pena RGD, Underline Studio; Barry Quinn RGD, Juniper Park; Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Forge Media + Design; James Wilson RGD, Overdrive Design Ltd; Michael Zavacky RGD, McMillan

RGD News

TAXI was recognized in the 2015 Applied Arts Design Awards Annual for their design for the 2014 DesignThinkers conference.


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