Why is Deanne Loft an RGD?
Senior Designer and Art Director Deanne Loft RGD in Dartmouth Nova Scotia reflects on how the Association has influenced her career by providing knowledge, networking opportunities, inspiration and professional support.  


I have been a member of RGD since 2003, beginning as a Student Member, then a Provisional Member and earning my professional designation in 2011. Through all stages of my career the RGD has been a source of information, inspiration and support.


Being a student and provisional member meant having access to mentors and events such as the Headstart conference (now Creative Directions). I was able to have my portfolio reviewed and received invaluable feedback about my work before going to job interviews. It was also an easy way to network and make industry contacts.


As a professional member, RGD continues to be of great value to me. The Business of Graphic Design handbook, CreativeEarners Salary Survey and the AccessAbility Handbook are all references I use frequently. When I lived in Toronto, the DesignThinkers Conference was an event that I anticipated going to all year and was never disappointed. Even though I'm no longer able to attend in person, I can still benefit from the recorded DesignThinkers presentations, which RGD makes available to members of the Association online. And of course there are the webinars, which keep me informed and engaged with the industry. 


RGD represents a level of professionalism that I am proud to be a part of. The Association's tireless efforts to raise awareness of ethical practices strengthen our industry.

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