Book List: Visual Communication Strategy
Portfolio Review

Creative Director and Principal of Goodall Integrated Design Derwyn Goodall RGD shares a list of his favourite design books.


Visual Communication Strategy


1. Type Plus
In my opinion, typography is at the core of effective visual communication and this beautiful manifesto from Unit Editions is a must have for anyone who appreciates typographic craft. Often challenging, always refreshing, this book showcases contemporary practitioners and their work (1957 onwards) from around the world. The title "plus" alludes to the practice of combining typography with imagery in the pursuit of visual impact and inspired expression. Stuck in a typographic rut? Look no further!








Also available at Swipe.



2. Design and Content by Abbott Miller
Abbott Miller is an award-winning graphic designer who is currently a partner at the internationally renowned design firm, Pentagram. Over the years, Miller has pioneered the concept of designer-as-author and that concept literally forms the essence of this book. Miller presents his work as a catalog of design strategies, each focusing on design and content, while not focusing on "style" per se. A true rarity these days! The book is comprised of four sections; Books, Exhibitions, Magazines and Visual Identity, each providing a glimpse into how he works. Intellectually stimulating and beautifully designed, this book is a worthy addition to any graphic designer's library.



3. Manuals 2: Design and Identity Guidelines
Another resounding shout-out to Unit Editions, the independent UK publishing venture that produces high-quality books on graphic design and visual culture. Beautifully photographed and presented, Manuals 2 features a collection of 20 remarkable American and European design manuals. Each example is beautifully laid out with an in-depth description of how each was produced. Included is a thoughtful essay by design historian Roger Remington and in-depth interviews with many experts in the field of visual identity design. This is information design at it's best and not to be missed!


Also available at Swipe.


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