RGDs Receive 10 Free Webinar Guest Passes

RGDs automatically receive 10 free webinar guest passes per year to share with others. We invite you to share these passes to connect and build relationships with clients, employers, employees and colleagues.

These passes can be used to grant access to non-members to attend a webinar presentation individually, but RGDs (and Provisional RGDs) are also invited to host screenings where clients, colleagues and employeess can gather to listen as professionals offer industry insights on a variety of topics.


To use a webinar guest pass, send the information about the webinar program or an individual webinar that may be of interest, inviting your pass recipient to sign up using the registration link provided in the webinar event item on the RGD site. That person will be asked to enter the name of the RGD who is providing the guest pass. RGD keeps track of the 10 passes as they are redeemed. To check on the status of your free passes or if you have any questions about this program, email .


"This is a great way to invite them into our world and kick start a conversation about how design can impact the success of their business." says Wendy Millard RGD, Chair of RGD's PR Committee.


Coming up, on July 9, Vincent Galante RGD explains how web analytics can provide valuable business information to organizations. And on July 23, Randy Hunt, provides tips on building and evolving corporate in-house teams.

In addition to the passes, RGD offers opportunities for client networking through our annual DesignThinkers ‘Bring a Client’ sessions.