Sample questions and case study examples add transparency to RGD Certification process
Join RGD – Illustration by Sam Island
Requests from RGD Provisional Committe have promoted the additions to help candidates prepare for the RGD Certification Online Test and Portfolio Interview.


We have posted two sample questions for three of the Online Test sections to help you prepare. Take a look at the Business, Accessibility and Design Research sections to review these questions and get a sense of what to expect. We hope to have additional sample questions for the other two sections of the Online Test, the Rules and Principles sections, before the end of the year. (Please note the Online Test is open book.)


To help candidates understand what is expected as part of the Rationales submission for the Portfolio Interview as well, RGD has posted five sample rationales from RGD Members who have recently gone through the process. Candidates may submit their rationales through an online form as either a Practitioner, Manager or Educator with links to images already online or with images uploaded. Or candidates may submit rationales as a pdf document with all information and images incorporated into one file.


Starting in January, a new Study Group will be formed to help RGD candidates prepare. The Study Group will share resources, review notes and provide support to each other through discussion, practice quizzes and peer-to-peer practice portfolio interviews. If you are interested in particiapting in the next group, email .


To learn more about RGD's entire Certification process and becoming an RGD, sign up to attend the next virtual Information Session, taking place on December 3 at 6:00pm ET.