Why is Christina Whitfield an RGD?

Web and Graphic Designer, Christina Whitfield RGD highlights the benefits of RGD's mentorship program and book recommendations.


My relationship with RGD has spanned nearly a decade – from Student to Provisional RGD Member and finally to becoming a certified Registered Graphic Designer.


During my time as a Member of RGD, I have participated on the Provisional Committee, attended DesignThinkers Conferences, frequented lunch-time webinars, reviewed portfolios at the Creative Directions Conference and participated in the Mentorship Program.


With such a wealth of resources and knowledge, RGD has been instrumental in guiding the direction of my career. I found the Mentorship Program invaluable. Discussing my concerns and aspirations with my mentor allowed me to refine my career direction – opening up paths I had not previously considered. Because of the profound impact of the RGD's Program on me, I participated as a mentor myself and it has inspired me to seek other volunteer opportunities outside the design community.


An often overlooked resource of RGD is their lists of book recommendations. The topic is overrun with poorly written or out of date material. Allowing fellow professionals to provide their vetted recommendations has saved me countless hours on subpar literature.


RGD has maintained a proactive approach to sustaining their relevancy in a constantly changing field. Their leadership in setting ethical standards for graphics designers is admirable and why I will continue to be a member for decades to come. I strongly encourage anyone interested in RGD to take advantage of the myriad of programs and material available to all Members.


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