Sudbury Design Society recognizes regional commitment to professional design excellence

The Good Design Awards are hosted by the Sudbury Design Society to recognize and encourage businesses that uphold an elevated standard of products and services through their commitment to professional design. For 2015, the Awards honoured Stack Brewing (presented to Shawn Mailloux) and Café Petit Gâteau (presented to Yoshiko Kurogi). 


Stack Brewing has worked with various local designers and design agencies such as Andrew Knapp, Sean Grant RGD, and Studio 123 to establish the company brand and market it through online media. "Stack Brewing recognized that without a solid visual identity their tasty brew would go unknown to many potential customers," says Sean Grant RGD. "Stack is growing fast, and has quickly made itself a community brand known for good beer, good times and friendly people."


In the case of Café Petit Gâteau, the design focus is reflected through the physical space as well. "The moment you step into Café Petit Gâteau's warm and inviting space, it's obvious that owners Yoshiko and Derek have a vision. Design is everywhere at CPG — from the logo on the window to their custom-fabricated countertop, it's clear they care deeply about how their café is perceived," says Frank Chartrand RGD of Bureau Design Group, the firm which created the cafe's visual identity design, brand collateral, custom lettering and website design / development. "Their appreciation for design makes working for them easy. They don't need much convincing because they already know who they are, and have such a defined aesthetic. Good design is good business, and I believe it to be one of the key factors in Café Petit Gâteau's success."



The Sudbury Design Society (SDS) is a member-based non-profit organization working to raise the value and visibility of design in Greater Sudbury. SDS works to provide networking, professional development, advocacy and transparency for everyone with an interest in the Sudbury design industry. 


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