Congratulations to the 2016 RGD Student Award-winners

After receiving over 220 submissions from design students attending 33 post-secondary schools across Canada, RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2016 Student Awards.



"This year was a tough year for judging. There were so many excellent submissions, winners and non-winners alike, it was hard to make a final decision. I was honoured to have the privilege of seeing all of your hard work. Everyone who submitted should be proud of their accomplishments and the effort taken. Congratulations to all of you" - Karen Satok RGD


Winning entries will be featured in a printed awards annual to be distributed to 7,000 design professionals across Canada.


Download a PDF of the 2016 RGD Student Awards Catalogue


Thank you to our generous industry supporters who provide our winners each with prizes of $1,000 and have helped RGD to distribute over $270,000 since the program launched back in 1998.


Regional Awards of Excellence


Berlin Award for Central Canada
Sophia Park, University of Alberta

Honourable Mentions: Amanda Chan, Alberta College of Art & Design; Thomas Jeffery, University of Alberta



Cinnamon Toast Award for Eastern Ontario
Marissa Godwin, Algonquin College

Honourable Mentions: Brienne Lim, St. Lawrence College; Ashley Murray, Algonquin College


Quarry Award for Western Ontario
Carmen Fasan, Conestoga College

Honourable Mentions: Gregory Hergott, Conestoga College; Sarah Leeson, Conestoga College


Intent Award for GTA
Lucy Bilson, York/Sheridan Joint Program

Honourable Mentions: Shirley Liang, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Hannah Lee, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Susan Van, OCAD University


lg2 boutique Award for Quebec
Vo Dang, Université du Québec à Montréal

Honourable Mention:
Maude Gravel, Université Laval

Rethink Award for British Columbia
Monica Maher, Capilano University

Honourable Mentions:
Shyronn Smardon, Capilano University; Eugene Kulaga, University of the Fraser Valley



Winner: Neli Nenkova, Cambrian College

Honourable Mention: Kyle Fawcett, Georgian College

National Awards of Excellence

BOLD Award for Accessible Design
April Moskal, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for Beyond a Sight Problem

Honourable Mention:
Lisa Qin, OCAD University


Forge Award for Typography
Shyronn Smardon, Capilano University, for Spatial Shift

Honourable Mention:
Gregory Hergott, Conestoga College; Hannah Lee, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Benjamin Stone, Capilano University; Joanne Vongphachan, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Haft2 Award for Colour
Gregory Hergott, Conestoga College, for FRAGMENTS: A Breakdown of Human Thought

Honourable Mentions:
Shirley Liang, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Lenka Prochazka, Capilano University


Purpose/Built Award for Strategic Design
Zoe Chung, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, for Urwell

Honourable Mentions:
Monica Diaz, Capilano University; Bethany Moy, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Danielle Sheahan, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design
Winner: Kayla Craven, Capilano University, for Protect the Pack

Honourable Mentions:
Gungeet Kaur, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Julia Seo, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Usability Matters Award for User Experience

Winner: Julia Seo, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for Resource Garden

Honourable Mention: Brian Kall, York/Sheridan Joint Program


National Awards of Specialty


Bell Media Award for Motion Graphics
Brendan Wilson, Algonquin College, for Framework Grad Show Promo Videos
Team: Brendan Wilson, Ben Marley, Michelle Holly Dugas, Brad Doyle, Valerie Bordeleau, Devon Ash, Grant Jeffery, Marissa Erin, Heather Lynn, Jaz Down, Anna Trojanowska, Rajaa Al Subairi and Elzahra El

Honourable Mentions:
Drew Boyle, Conestoga College; Shogo Shimizu, Algonquin College

Cineplex Digital Media Award for Information Design
Joanne Mac, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for The Severe Allergy Started Kit;

Aqil Raharjo, OCAD University, for Save Polar Bears!

Honourable Mention: Gungeet Kaur, York/Sheridan Joint Program

Cundari Award for Advertising/Promotion Design
Ricardo Iglesias, Humber College, for Friends with Benefits

Honourable Mentions:
Ricardo Iglesias, Humber College; Brienne Lim, St. Lawrence College; Michelle Lopes, Conestoga College


Entro Award for Placemaking Design
Julia Seo, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for Resource Garden

Honourable Mentions: Amanda Kwong, Alberta College of Art + Design; Heather McAlpine, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Haley Sherman, St. Lawrence College


50 Carleton Award for Logo Design

Winner: Neli Nenkova, Cambrian College, for Bulgaria logo redesign

Honourable Mentions:
Renee Robinson, Conestoga College; Michelle Lopes, Conestoga College

Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design
Katherine Quan, George Brown College, for Dakota

Honourable Mentions:
Olivia Hashka, OCAD University; Bethany Moy, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Parcel Award for Print Design
Winner: Gregory Hergott, Conestoga College, for FRAGMENTS: A Breakdown of Human Thought

Honourable Mentions: Brittney Davies, Humber College; Eunice Joaquin, George Brown College; Liam Lawlor, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Benjamin Stone, Capilano University


q30 design Award for Brand Design
Winner: Shirley Liang, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for Bread and Circus

Honourable Mentions: Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Sara Panchaud & Warren Jones, NSCAD University; Courtney Verbeek, University of the Fraser Valley

SapientNitro Award for Interaction Design
Winner: Zoe Chung, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, for Urwell

Honourable Mentions: Kristine Buerano, George Brown College; Zoe Chung, Emily Carr University of Art + Design; Chloe Negrette, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design
Winner: Mina Moon, York/Sheridan Joint Program, for Moon Skincare Package

Honourable Mentions: Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Courtney Verbeek, University of the Fraser Valley; Evelyn Wong, OCAD University


If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award for 2017, please email RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at


Natalie Armata RGD, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Giants and Gentlemen, Toronto

Gary Beelik, Partner, Parcel, Toronto

David Berman RGD, Strategic Accessibility Consultant, David Berman Communications, Ottawa

Gurjot Bhuller RGD, Creative Director, EnvisionUP, Ottawa

Amanda Bolte RGD, Associate Creative Director, Arcane, London

Nicolas Boissy, Creative Director, Orangetango, Montreal

Chad Borlase, Creative Director, SapientNitro, Toronto

Julian Brown RGD, Creative/Chaser, ON THE CHASE!, Oshawa

Mark Buchner RGD, Partner/Creative Director, TBD Studio, Toronto

Breck Campbell RGD, Creative Director, Breck Campbell Design, Windsor

Jonathan Cruz, Creative Director, NUSCHOOL, Iqualuit

Ian Chalmers RGD, Creative Director, Pivot Design Group, Toronto

Frank Chartrand RGD, Senior Designer, Edenspiekermann, Santa Monica

Steven Cox, Creative Director, Cause+Effect Design, Vancouver

Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Owner, Evi Designs, Toronto

Nathalie Cusson, Principal/Creative Director, Scooter Design, Montreal

Chris Duchaine, Associate Creative Director, Milestone, Kitchener

Josh Dudych, Director, Creative & Marketing Services, True North Sports & Entertainment, Winnipeg

Jackie-Duys-Kelly, Communication Designer, Awarewolf Creative, Nanaimo

Gerard Dolan RGD, Director of User Experience & Design at Investor's Group, Toronto

Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Founder, Blok Design, Toronto

Ruen Ellis RGD, Executive Creative Director, Mojo Transformation, NYC

Sarah English, Managing Partner, Usability Matters, Toronto

Reanna Evoy, Brand Creative Director, Kit and Ace, Vancouver

Ruth Farrugia RGD, Graphic Designer, City of Cote Saint-Luc, Montreal

Lisa Feehan, Creative DIrector, KEEN Creative, Sherwood Park

Stéphanie Forest DGA, Creative Director, Capital One, Montreal

Stephen Garwood RGD, Partner/Creative Director, Faren Agency, Toronto

Russell Gibbs RGD, Principal, Russell Gibbs Design, Hamilton

Maurissa Grano RGD, Partner, Creative Odyssey, Sudbury

Wendy Gray RGD, Creative Director, Gravity Inc, Toronto

Sonia Gulia RGD, Owner, Mocu, Toronto

Carolane Godbout, Co-Creative Director, Akufen, Montreal

Paul Haft, President/Chief Colour Officer, Haft2, Toronto

Ben Hagon RGD, Creative Director & President, Intent, Toronto

Bob Hambly RGD, Creative Director, Hambly & Woolley, Toronto

Nicola Hamilton RGD, Art Director, Chatelaine, Toronto

Elisa Hildebrand, Senior Art Director, Creative Fire, Saskatoon

Michelle Hopgood Prov. RGD, Graphic Designer, Martin Prosperity Institute, Toronto

Tyson Hynes, Creative Director, Breakhouse, Halifax

Sarah Jackson, Creative Mind/Owner, The Office of Sarah, Edmonton

Mazi Javidiani, Art Director, Berlin, Edmonton

Iffat Jokhio RGD, Senior Designer, Pivot Design Group, Mississauga

Tony Jurgilas RGD, Principal/Design Strategist, 50 Carleton, Sudbury

David Kassous, Creative Director, Design, lg2, Montreal

Andrew Kuzyk RGD, Partner, Entro Communications, Toronto

Alan Krpan RGD, Creative Director, Riordon Design, Oakville

Aleece Laird Affiliate Member of RGD, Partner, Fresh Inc, Kamloops

Audree Lapierre, Creative Director/Founder, Ffunction, Montreal

Cathy Ledden RGD, Create iT All, Ledden Design, Toronto

Hyein Lee RGD, Principal, Hyein Lee Illustration + Motion, Oakville

Edmund Li RGD, Associate/Senior Designer, Reich+Petch, Toronto

Gilbert Li RGD, Creative Director, The Office of Gilbert Li, Toronto

Yang Li RGD, Senior Art Director, Alphabet Creative, Ottawa

Katie Maasik, Lead Graphic Designer, Lululemon, Vancouver

Dean Martin, Creative Director, Branding and Design, Cundari, Toronto

Ciabh McEvenue Affiliate Member of RGD, Tamm + Kit, Toronto

Bronwyn Mondoux, Creative Director/Owner, Cinnamon Toast, Ottawa

Linda Nakanishi, Design Director, Nascent Digital, Toronto

Lisa Nakamura, Creative Director of Design, Rethink, Vancouver

Gary Oakley, Creative Director, Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

Michael Ortelli RGD, Founder, BOLD, Toronto

Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director, Quarry, Kitchener

Linda Pelley RGD, Gumbo Design Co., Toronto

Marie Poulin, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Oki Doki, Vancouver

Richard Plantt RGD, Senior Designer, Concept Interactive, London

Sylvie Racicot, Chief Strategy, Chez Valois, Montreal

Corey Ripley, Principal/Creative Director, Exhibit A: Design Group, Vancouver

Jim Ryce RGD, Principal, Jim Ryce Design, Toronto

Marc Trudel RGD, Creative Director, eSolutions Group, Kitchener

Stüssy Tschudin RGD, Principal, Forge, Toronto

Karen Satok RGD, Principal, Sputnik Design Partners, Toronto

Peter Scott RGD, Principal, q30 design, Toronto

Cai Sepulis RGD, Illustrator + Art Director, Ballyhoo Media, Guelph

Jenny Smith, President/Creative Designer, Ray Creative Agency, St. John's

Laura Shaw, Creative Director, Cineplex Digital Media, Kitchener

Roxann Shapwaykeesic RGD, Communications Officer, Through the Sky Studio, Thunder Bay

Robert Smith RGD, Creative Catalyst, Greenmelon, Ottawa

Nico Taus RGD, Creative Director, Studio123, Sudbury

Nicole Vallee RGD, Creative Director, Sales and Marketing, Epicure, Victoria

Michel Valois, President and Creative Chief, Chez Valois, Montreal

Paul Van Dongen RGD, Design Director, Committee, Toronto

Carey Van Eden RGD, Publications Officer, National Arts Centre, Ottawa

Meggan Van Harten RGD, Principal Designer, Design De Plume, Sudbury

David Walker, Partner and Creative Director, Saint Bernadine, Vancouver

Roy White, Founder/Creative Director, Subplot, Vancouver

Michael Zavacky RGD, Art Director, McMillan, Ottawa

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