New online service from smashLAB connects creatives with professional advice and mentorship

Vancouver-based creative agency smashLAB has launched Officehours, a new service that connects users with industry experts who provide free one-on-one advice.


What does Officehours provide?

Users can access 10-minute web-based sessions with experts in the creative industry who provide insight, advice and feedback on a variety of topics. Got a UX question? Looking for feedback on a comp? Want industry tips? There are experts on Officehours who can help.


How do I schedule a meeting?

The virtual format makes scheduling effortless, and time zones are localized to the viewer - if you're in Ontario connecting with someone in Vancouver, the meeting time will reflect the time zone you are connecting from. 


What's next?

The tool is still in Beta testing, but is online and ready to be used - all are invited to check out the site and start taking advantage of this new resource for creative professionals. 


Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, there will always be more to learn, so don’t be shy—just start asking questions! 


Click here to check out Officehours online now.