'Future By Design: The Future of Type' sparks nationwide discussion
On Sept 30, 2015, 17 screening locations joined RGD for a live webcast featuring panelists Ellen Lupton, Nick Sherman, Laura Worthington and Jessica Hische to participate in a discussion of typography, lettering and the future of type. 


@elenithecamera: Hosting #rgdFBD is actually so intimate - it's liking sitting at a cafe table listening to your smartest friends ping pong insights.


Cossette, Toronto (photo via @elenithecamera)


Participating locations tuned in from across the country from classrooms, offices and co-working spaces to hear from panelists, submit questions and generate conversations within their own design communities about type design and the creative industry in general. The discussion ranged from the best use of grids to responsive design to sources of creative inspiration and collaborative strategies.  


McMillan, Ottawa


With over 700 people registered to attend at locations ranging from the College of the North Atlantic in St. John's Newfoundland to Lululemon Head Office in Vancouver, creatives all over Canada enjoyed the opportunity to take part and share their typographic enthusiasm. Check out some highlights from Twitter using our 'trending in Canada' hashtag #rgdFBD


@aDeVries_gd: Still buzzing from last night's #rgdFBD! Gotta write some stuff down before I forget :)

@ms_tfny: @NickSherman you're breaking my brain with awesomeness.

@VSGroupNB: Great discussion #rgdFBD thank you for sharing! 

‏@nashinaflash: Come for the type, stay for the cheese! Great talk on the future of type @UAlberta

@wendymill: A great panel tonight for inspiration on the future of type  #rgdfbd 

@jclaydub: Thanks for such an eye-opening evening. Thanks @RGD! #rgdFBD

@emilyhenry1709: Inspiring words from #rgdfbd to change the game in design

@sashamedia: #rgdFBD Keep the lovely type coming! I'll eat it up. #design #type 

@12thirteeninc: Great panel discussion with a wide range of type enthusiasts at #rgdFBD

@thisoldhaus: #rgdfbd Great typography talk! 

@Amanda_V_Hoff: Such a diverse and talented group of panelists tonight at #rgdFBD

@LoganBrazeau: Great shared wisdom by all the panelists #rgdfbd 

@kurtbugasto: Thank you! @jessicahische @ellenLupton @NickSherman @L_Worthington ya'll badasses #RGDfbd 

@paddyharrington: Sweet fancy Moses. So much goodness in such a small amount of time. @ellenLupton @NickSherman @L_Worthington @jessicahische #rgdFBD #neednap

@jenniferd_cross: Love hearing @jessicahische speak always makes me smile :) and gives me something to think about #rgdFBD thank you!

@LilliaW: Resisting the urge to clap after every speaker @RGD #rgdfbd

‏@youryoungblood: Nerding out the the Nth degree with #rgdFBD and some awesome typographers. Thanks @lululemon for hosting! #freedoughnuts

@onthechase: #rgdFBD @nicksherman walks the walk. Using a browser to give his talk about type on the web!

@visualheart: Currently in a room full of design nerds for #rgdfbd @lululemon and loving every minute! 

@MickandErnie: Good type loving crowd at #rgdFBD tonight. Glad to be the @RGD host. Sorry comic sans. You're not invited. 


And some love among the panelists:

@jessicahische: mind = blown by @NickSherman 's #rgdFBD presentation


@mirahowards: Signage is on point. #rgdFBD 

College of the North Atlantic, St. John's 


For more images from the presentations and participating locations, click here


RGD's next Future By Design event will explore 'Research in the Digital Age' on Dec 8. Details coming soon - check rgd.ca/futurebydesign for updates. 


For information on how to host a Future By Design screening in your city, click here