Future By Design: 'The Future of Design Tools' event recap

On June 28, nine screening locations joined RGD for a live webcast featuring panelists Magera Moon Holton, Ray Sison and Khoi Vinh to participate in a discussion of the future of design tools.


Participating locations tuned in from all over Ontario to hear from panelists, submit questions and generate conversations within their own design communities about the future of design tools and the creative industry in general. The discussion ranged from design decision frameworks to the new generation of creativity through mobile devices.



With over 200 people registered to attend at locations ranging from Sudbury to Welland, creatives from all over enjoyed the opportunity to take part and share their enthusiasm for design tools. Check out some top insights from Twitter using our event hashtag #rgdFBD:


"Apps must be experientially consistent across all platforms," says @khoi, Director of Product Design, Mobile @Adobe #rgdFBD


Create meaningful work wherever you are. Platform agnostic. @khoi @Adobe #rgdFBD


Use empathy as a tool for who you are designing for. @mageramoon @Etsy #rgdFBD


Continuous feedback loops are critical when you're testing the user experience, says @mageramoon of @Etsy #rgdFBD


Sketch. Photoshop. InVision. Future of Design Tools according to Ray. Your workflow should inspire you. #rgdFBD


“Snapchat is one of the worst UX experiences I’ve seen, but it’s so popular. The key is content. Content is king.” @skilledconcept #rgdFBD


“Understand functionality *and* psychology” - @skilledconcept’s advice for emerging UX designers #rgdFBD


“Accessibility is becoming a more and more important consideration in our next generation of tools,” says @khoi of @Adobe #rgdFBD


RGD's next Future By Design event will explore the same topic, 'The Future of Design Tools' for venues located in Western Canada. For updates on participating venues, visit http://www.rgd.ca/events-and-programs/rgd-events/events/959.php


For information on how to host a Future By Design screening in your city, click here