A Brave Spirit Makes All Things Possible Book by The Office of Gilbert Li
This 176-page hardcover book was produced to mark Camp Oochigeas’ 30th anniversary. 



Client: Camp Oochigeas 

Creative Director: Gilbert Li RGD 

Designer: Brian Banton 

Editor: Jeff Harris 

Writer: Jason McBride 

Photographer: Chris Thomaidis



This 176-page hardcover book was produced to mark Camp Oochigeas’ 30th anniversary. To tell the story of the client’s pioneering efforts and continued success in creating and running a camp for children with cancer, the book weaves together personal anecdotes, historical photos and mementos collected from hundreds of staff, volunteers, doctors, nurses, campers and their families. The camp offers all of its programs, including considerable medical care, at no cost to participants and their families. Beyond being a critical marketing and sponsor - ship tool, the high quality production and design of the book means it can also be sold to help in fundraising.


Judge's Comment

Judge’s Pick: This project is fully focused on the organization and its cause, showing the fun and positive effect the camp and its programs have on campers. The photos give readers a unique sneak-peek inside the camp, creating an authentic picture of what it is all about. The book tugs at the reader’s heart strings which is what any successful marketing and sponsorship tool in the non-profit sector should do. –Ross Chandler

Non-Profit Category 2015