DesignThinkers 2016 Delegates Share Conference Insights

In the weeks following RGD's 17th annual DesignThinkers Conference, delegates shared observations and thoughts about their experiences and what they learned from 2 days of keynote speakers, interaction sessions, panels and workshops.


Audience Communication and Events shared a two-part article (here and here), which include highlight reels from various presentations throughout the conference and an in-depth look at the "Where Do Good Ideas Come From?" panel with panelists Erik Kessels, Leland Maschmeyer, Fredrik Öst, and Erik Kockum.


"Kenya Hara thinks vegetables should wear underpants." Playing off the conference theme, ConfessionsCharles Nix shares the most memorable 'confessions' expressed by Conference speakers. Published on the Monotype website.


Inspired by DesignThinkers, Kyle Schruder shared an article explaining how he came to achieve 'design career zen' - his transition from graphic design to service design: "Much of the dialogue at the RGD conference focused on designing compelling experiences for users. It wasn’t just about branding and visual design techniques — meeting user needs was on everyone’s mind."


David Kopulos from Forge Media+Design was in attendance this year, and shared his 9 predictions for the future of design based on a few of the presentations he sat through at the Conference.


A group of students from Ottawa's Merivale High School got the opportunity to attend DesignThinkers this year to get a glimpse into the design world. Their teacher, Irv Osterer shares some of the highlights from this eye-opening trip.


Journalist Ryan Bigge reflects on some defining moments of his Conference experience. Specifically, he notes the various speakers who discussed the importance of merging digital with analog.


The design team at The Works attended the Conference again this year, and shared their favourite moments in the form of confessions to carry on the Conference theme.


Reflecting on designers' complicated relationship with creativity, Idea Couture's Stephanie Kaptein uses DesignThinkers speakers Jake Barton, Bob Hambly and Bob Calvano's presentations to understand how to embrace creativity and the unknown. Published in MISC Magazine.


Applied Arts attended this year's conference and shared their experience on the Applied Arts Blog. The "Design as a Strategic Advantage in Business” panel gave them a lot to think about with regards to the business of design.


MoMA's senior curator of architecture and design, Paula Antonelli spoke about utopia as a driving force for designers at DesignThinkers 2016. AZURE Magazine lists eight design objects from Paula's list of examples that represent for a better, more connected world.


Keeping us updated throughout the conference, Christopher Rouleau's blog summarized numerous presentations through notes, quotes and links to useful information. Take a look at a summary of day one and day two.


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