RGD launches 8th Bi-annual National Salary Survey

On May 2, RGD, with the support of Creative Niche, will ask industry professionals across Canada to fill out our Creative Earners National Salary Survey.


Creative Earners invites Canadian graphic design and related professionals to complete a confidential online survey to provide information about their salary and billing practices in the Canadian graphic design and communications industry. The results of the survey raise awareness of the country’s thriving creative industry and provide an economic profile of the field.


Through the participation of 3,331 professionals in 2014, RGD and Creative Niche developed a comprehensive report that is freely available for download here.


With the assistance of our 2016 Partners: Tamm + Kit (Design & Promotion), The Pixel Shop (Development), Flash Reproductions (Print), Domtar (Paper) and Applied Arts (Media), the 2016/2017 CreativeEarners Survey will launch on May 2!


This year, our goal is to have 5,000 Canadians in the industry complete the survey. Tamm + Kit are already busy at work on a fun giveaway to reward participants and encourage referrals to others in the industry!


Creative Earners offers a summary of the current status of communication design professionals - who they are, the services they offer, how and what they are being compensated and where they think the industry is headed. The findings benefit us all, but the value and accuracy of the data depends on the number of survey participants, particularly as it pertains to less populated regions. We encourage the participation of all creative professionals, from Creative Directors to Developers, Designers to Account Coordinators and Copywriters to Community Managers this year.Through RGD, Creative Niche and a host of industry organizations across Canada who support our efforts, we can achieve our goal!


The Creative Earner Survey results will launch at DesignThinkers 2016 and will be made available to all in early 2017.


Stay tuned to www.creativeearners.ca or #CreativeEarners for updates!