Book List: New releases for your holiday wish/reading lists

From books on the design process to branding, these books provide up-to-date design content.


Canadian Pacific: Creating a Brand, Building a Nation by Marc H. Choko
Published by Callisto Publishers GmbH, November 2015

This compelling narrative covering the first 100 years of the company’s history features ads, illustrations, designs, photos and documents, which allow readers to experience the colourful universe of Canadian Pacific’s publicity and corporate branding strategies targeting adventure travelers of the late 19th century, luxury passengers in the 1930s and potential immigrants in the 1950s to name just a few examples.



The Storm of Creativity by Kyna Leski
Published by The MIT Press, November 2015

In this book, Leski draws from her observations and experiences as a teacher, student, maker, writer and architect to describe the workings of the creative process. She draws on examples ranging from Paul Klee to Steve Jobs to the design of Gaudí's Sagrada Familia to elucidate her metaphor of  the creative process as storm.



Logo Modernism by Jens Müller

Published by Taschen, November 2015

This unprecedented TASCHEN publication brings together over 6,000 logos from 1940–1980, ranging from media outfits to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, the sweeping survey is organized into three chapters: Geometric, Effect and Typographic. Eight designer profiles and eight instructive case studies are also included, with a detailed look at the life and work of such luminaries as Paul Rand and Yusaku Kamekura and such significant projects as Fiat and the Mexico Olympics of 1968.



How to Thrive in the Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow's World Today by John Thackara

Published by Thames & Hudson, January 2016

Are there practical solutions to the many global challenges that threaten our way of life? Thackara has spent his life in search of designs that serve human need. Here he presents inspiring examples that include a temple-led water management system in Bali that dates back hundreds of years and an innovative e-bike collective in Vienna to show that communities are creating a replacement economy that nurtures the earth and its inhabitants rather than jeopardizing its future.



How to Design: Concept design process, styling, inspiration and methodology by Scott Robertson

Published by Design Studio Press (November 2015)

Scott blends the disciplines of industrial design, architecture and illustration into an easy to absorb foundation class on conceptual design.
He covers detailed examples of every step in the process with special emphasis on styling techniques, inspiration and research. He outlines his personal design approach through an innovative method of eight steps of “proximity-based styling" he developed to visually create anything and everything.



Dogs and Chairs: Designer Pairs by Cristina Amodeo

Published by Thames and Hudson, December 2015

At first glance, a Welsh corgi may not seem to have much in common with an Arne Jacobsen chair. It takes a creative eye, such as Amodeo’s, to see the chair’s Y-shaped back in the dog’s flared ears and long nose, and maybe even in the playful tilt of its head. Amodeo maintains this design-conscious vision through 20 sets of matching dogs and chairs side by side: a series of visual puns.



Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design by Josef Müller-Brockmann

Published by Lars Muller, November 2015

This illustrated essay traces the history of one of the leading proponents of
Swiss Graphic Design from the 1950s and 60s. Brockmann's posters are famous for their ability to convey information with great visual tension, a sense of drama and an extreme economy of means.


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