'Ask an RGD' Videos provide advice from RGD professionals

The series provides honest answers from experienced professionals to a variety of career-related questions directly from Provisional RGDs.


Ask an RGD is an initiative developed by RGD's Provisional Committee to provide advice from RGD professionals to emerging designers.


We hope that this initiative will allow "hard to ask" questions to surface and result in real-world answers from respected employers and professionals in the industry to benefit many other designers who are mulling over similar issues.


To submit a question, email or tweet using the hashtag #AskAnRGD. (If you an RGD interested in answering a question, you can also email.)


Question: I work in an ad agency as a junior designer. Right now I'm working on a project with a message I really don't believe in. Should I tell someone I have moral issues with it, or just suck it up?


Ask an RGD with Diti Katona RGD, Chief Creative Officer, Concrete from RGD on Vimeo.


Question: I was recently laid off and I'm having a hard time finding work I'm excited about in the city where I live. I've been thinking about moving to a larger city and that I'll find a job when I get there. Does that sound like a good plan?

Ask An RGD with Frank Chartrand RGD, Senior Visual and Interaction Designer, Edenspiekermann Los Angeles from RGD on Vimeo.


Question: My firm is currently hiring an Interactive Designer. I just finished a course on how to be a Web Designer, where I learned HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript. I'm feeling really confident about it and would like to put my new skills to work. My boss doesn't know I took this course, and she hasn't asked me or the other current designers to apply for the job. Should I apply, or assume that since she didn't offer it to us that this is a bad idea?

Ask An RGD with Mikey Richardson RGD, Co-Creative Director and Founding Partner at Jacknife from RGD on Vimeo.


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