New Projects by RGD Members

Check out work by q30, Campbell Symons Design, Context Creative, Goods & Services, Entro, Greenmelon, Lindsay Smail RGD and Creative Odyssey



Peter Scott RGD, Glenda Rissman RGD and their team at q30 created an infographic for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

This infographic is used to explain, in a fun and visual way and using every day examples, what a "1 kilowatt hour" is and what it is equivalent to. First, a static graphic was designed for the clients to use, then a simple interactive version was designed and programmed. Learn more about this project.


Paul Campbell RGD and his team at Campbell Symons Design created a new brand identity and tagline for The Change Foundation.

The new brand identity and tagline established the organization as a trusted source of leading edge health policy, information and research.


Lionel Gadoury RGD and the team at Context Creative designed a 24-page DIY Savings booklet for Toronto Hydro.

The booklet gives Toronto Hydro residential customers a handy reference guide for a range of cost-saving programs, together with services to help them manage their accounts. The DIY aesthetic was expressed in a crafted approach to typography and imagery such as felt and paper cutouts, stitched badges and illustrations. Learn more about this project.


Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services created a 'wallpaper generator' as a special holiday gift. 

Users choose between 12 holiday “duos” (white or coloured lights? Frosty or Rudolph? etc.), with the results displayed and downloaded to a phone or desktop with up to 4,096 possible combinations. The generator uses some of the industry’s newest methods of on-the-fly image generation; using 24 different choices across 58 grid placements, the agency’s server processes each combination in only four seconds. Learn more about this project.


Andrew Kuzyk RGD, Wayne McCutcheon RGD and the team at Entro  created a dynamic new signage program for The Whit­ney Museum of Amer­i­can Art.

The Whitney Museum of American Art pays tribute to America’s 20th and 21st-century art and artists. Strategically located at the terminus of the High Line in New York’s Meatpacking District, the museum contains over 21,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photos, film and new media. Entro was engaged to develop the identity signage, wayfinding, donor recognition program, and digital display system.
Learn more about this project.


Robert Smith RGD and the team at Greenmelon designed the coin and package for the Royal Canadian Mint 2015 series

"When approaching new projects we usually avoid unwarranted use of trends, but this time we dove right in since these coins contain not only beautiful keepsakes, but act as a time capsule for the year as a whole. Using bold colours, hand-rendered type and beautiful photography, we crafted a series that was sure to impress long time collectors as well as those who received the sets as gifts." Learn more about this project


Lindsay Smail RGD created a music book for Canadian composer Casey Sokol to honour late Canadian fiddler and composer Oliver Schroer.

This book was years in the making, finally published in December 2015. Learn more about Lindsay's other work.


Maurissa Grano RGD and the team at Creative Odyssey redesigned a website for Travelway Inn.


Travelway Inn in Greater Sudbury decided to revamp their website following a renovation, in celebration of their 30th year in business.