Community Projects: A Framework to Build Impact
Presented by Marc O'Brien
This presentation will highlight the nuts and bolts of building community based projects within their communities.
A number of principles and practices on how to build community based projects will be covered. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to: identify the appropriate community based opportunities, build partnerships, work with available tools/resources and use design to bring the project to life. The framework covered is intended to be used for future projects by the attendees.


About Marc O'Brien
As an independent Design Strategist and Creative Facilitator, Marc O'Brien focuses on social innovation, human-centered design, and purpose-driven initiatives that create positive change in the world. Marc loves finding ways for organizations to make a huge impact in unexpected places. Working with others who are working towards creating positive change, he uses design as a tool to help them do this in a better way. In a playful workshop environment, Marc helps Fortune 500 companies to startups, non-profits to universities, come up with fun, achievable, and innovative solutions to challenges. His prefer method is making and with a background in web and graphic design, he bring ideas to life so others can see what’s possible.