New Session at Creative Directions Conference explores the Design Process

Creative Directors discuss recent projects ranging from branding to custom type design to book design.


Creative Directions has 4 concurrent streams of programming:  Presentations, Panels, Roundtables (including the Process Workshops) and Reviews.


For this new session, delegates hear from the lead designer on a project as they talk through their entire process - from reviewing the creative brief, brainstorming ideas, presenting and refining concepts to their design solution and results. Ask questions along the way and learn how some of Toronto's most top designers across a range of disciplines create beautiful, effective work. Each Workshop is 30 minutes; participants will have the opportunity to hear about up to four projects over two sessions.


Choose from:


Book Design with Gilbert Li RGD (available during 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions)

Gilbert presents the design of Everything is Interesting, covering artist Kelly Mark’s body of work. The challenge was to develop a design that respected the artist and her work, yet still had a unique vision for the book.



Visual identity for Against the Grain Theatre by Michael Barker RGD (available during 11:20am session)

Against the Grain Theatre (ATG) is an award-winning Canadian chamber opera company that presents classical music in innovative ways, in unusual venues. The challenge was to develop a new identity that reflected ATG's unique vision — a vision Alexander Neef, the director of the Canadian Opera Company, has called "the future of opera".



Motion Graphics with Julian Brown RGD (available during 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions)
Creating a promo for a national business awards program, from first concept to final pixels… and beyond! Julian covers the process of designing and animating something that’s not-just-a-pretty-face, and the challenges of consulting with a big consulting firm.




President’s Choice Custom Font by Nick Shinn RGD (available during 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions)
Nick explains the challenges of designing a typeface to anchor Loblaw’s new house branding, in diverse media including print, online and in-store graphics and the process of how alternate prototypes were developed, tested and refined.



Game Design by Benjamin Rivers (available during 11:20am session)

Benjamin demonstrates the process of designing indie horror hit Home, from design brief to production to project management and marketing. He'll cover tricks designers can use to plan, execute and stay on track with game projects both big and small.  



Information Design by Christopher Moorehead RGD (available during 11:20am session)

Information design involves a multi-disciplinary approach to communication, encompassing principles from graphic design, data architecture, design thinking, psychology, user experience, typography and data science. Chris walks you through the process of providing value and clarity to client organizations through the effective visualization of complex information streams.






Crossmedia Design for UofT Engineering by Raymond Cheah RGD (available during 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions)

You are asked to design a compelling package of materials to persuade top students around the world to accept offers of admission from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. It needs to position U of T Engineering as a global leader, capture the unparalleled experiences and opportunities the school offers and ultimately sway aspiring engineers to choose U of T over other competing offers. It also needs to slash printing and mailing costs significantly. Join Ray as he discusses how he reimagined the student offer package and presents a 360-degree view of a cross-media design project.




Packaging for Jaswant's Kitchen by Angelo Morano RGD (available during 11:20am session)

Based on old world traditions, Jaswant's Kitchen is an emerging Canadian food manufacturer of Indian spices. The challenge was designing for a competitive retail market while ensuring all regulatory mandated information met current food packaging standards.


Dufflet Pastries Website Design and Development by Tim Smith RGD (available during 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions) Started in 1975, this purveyor of fine pastries has 3 retail locations and supplies over 500 restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers, grocers, and gourmet shops across Canada and the US. Dufflet was looking for a website to capture the quirky, fun essence of the company's brand and provide a toolset that would enhance the website experience for its customers. Tim walks you through the project lifecycle from initial brief through to execution and delivery.


Signage Program for Evergreen Brickworks by Debbie Adams RGD (available during at 1:15pm and 4:00pm sessions)

This extensive identification, wayfinding, interpretive and donor signage program for Evergreen Brickworks presented a broad range of design challenges, including a sustainable signage system; installation on a flood plain; integrating a contemporary brand language into a heritage setting and communication to a broad spectrum of user groups.


Finger Cooking Campaign for Boston Pizza by Brooke Hennessy (available during the 11:15am session)
In order to stand out in the crowded and discount-driven Take-Out and Delivery market, Boston Pizza needed to find a way to break through the clutter. The answer? Finger Cooking. Brooke explains how design became central to the campaign and its success.