Why is Brent Long an RGD?
VP of Membership for RGD and principal / co-founder of Fusion Design Group Brent Long shares his reasons for sticking with the Association for seven years. 


Credibility. Community. Inspiration. Education.


If I boil down why I’ve been a member for so long, it’s those four words. I joined hoping for those things. And I continue to see them all, in spades.


That is why I keep paying my dues, and I make sure that the members of my team are members of RGD as well. I encourage friends and colleagues in the industry to join because I believe in the Association. I believe in being a part of something bigger, when it is so easy to just stay inside your own bubble (which so many designers do).


Whether you're part of an in-house department or a sole-proprietor or a freelance designer working from home or part of a small 6-person studio in a basement in Markham, we all benefit from connecting with each other. Together through sharing and learning we can feed off of each other's energy and be happy in the knowledge that we're not the only ones dealing with the challenges of our chosen profession.  


Credibility in the marketplace plays a big part, too. There is a level of confidence that comes with knowing that you are part of something bigger. A small shop like Fusion doesn’t have a big office, a large staff or millions in revenues, but we do have twenty years of experience, a great book of work and five designers who are affiliated with RGD. That’s everyone in a design-related role at our shop. Why? Because we are committed to our careers, our craft, our work and our clients. We are professionals. We keep up with trends, technology and best practices. We demand respect for what we do, because we are good at it. Being part of RGD is how we show all that. 


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