Members share thoughts on RGD's Creative Directions Conference

Creative Directions helps emerging designers to establish and grow their career within the creative industries.


Hear what some past attendees have to say about their experiences.


"We are all, for our entire career, students of graphic design." says Karen Satok RGD, VP of RGD's Education Committee. "Creative Directions is the place to be whether you’re a student looking for your first job, a designer in the first few years of your career, or a seasoned pro looking to be inspired by and mentor the next generation. With in-depth portfolio reviews, networking opportunities and insightful panels, it’s an invaluable day for anyone working in the graphic design profession."


"As a Provisional RGD any chance to network and meet fellow designers is one to consider. Creative Directions not only provides a space and time to network, but also presents valuable information in the form of presentations, panels and portfolio reviews. I've attended Creative Directions both as a Student and as a Provisional Member and the value of my experience was as important for both stages of my career. With tailored panels and presentations tailored to Provisional RGDs, it allows for equal engagement for both Students and Provisionals alike. It's really a win-win."
Christina Dery Prov. RGD


"Every year, I am thrilled to attend Creative Directions. As a student, it gave me the opportunity to connect with employers and get constructive feedback on my work. As an emerging designer, the conference is a great place to meet fellow designers, grow my network, continue to learn and to be inspired. Always a great experience!"
Antonia V. Goga Prov. RGD


“As a designer, your education is far from over when you leave the classroom. It’s very important to be constantly learning and re-learning, connecting with other designers and staying informed of industry trends. Creative Directions allows you to interact with other emerging designers and more senior designers who are ready and willing to share their knowledge and experiences.”
Graeme Nishida Prov. RGD


"Attending Creative Directions is a great way to stay current with the design industry. The portfolio reviews provide an excellent opportunity to make new connections with designers and agencies, while keeping your portfolio up-to-date. And the panels and presentations always leave me with a new perspective on being a designer."
Noah Ortmann Prov. RGD


“When I attended Creative Directions, I did find it valuable. It was geared to a younger audience and finding a job but I enjoyed making connections both with the speakers and the younger audience - to re-invigorate my creativity.”
Allison Graef RGD


“Creative Directions has been invaluable for me as both a Student and Provisional RGD. The opportunity to receive feedback on my portfolio, attend insightful industry panels, and, most importantly, network with working professionals is something that shouldn’t be skipped by anyone looking to break into the industry.”
Alain Pham Prov. RGD


"The Creative Directions Conference gives you the opportunity to network with other creative professionals, and hear their perspectives on relevant topics and trends within the design community."
Talia Dimermann Prov. RGD


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