'Ask an RGD' Videos answer career-related questions from emerging designers

Ask an RGD, a new initiative developed by RGD's Provisional Committee, to provide advice from RGD professionals to emerging designers.



Ask an RGD is a video series where Provisional RGD Members pose personal first-person questions to established RGDs. We hope that this initiative of the Provisional Committee will allow "hard to ask" questions to surface and result in genuine answers that will benefit the many other designers who are mulling over similar issues.


To submit a question, email or tweet using the hashtag #AskAnRGD. (If you an RGD interested in answering a question, you can also email.)


Recent videos: 


Question: I recently graduated and I’ve been going to lots of interviews and portfolio sessions. I want to work in branding and logo design, so I’ve made sure my portfolio reflects that, but I have been getting feedback that I should show a range of skills in my book. I have been told that I need to be a “multi­-disciplinary” designer, but that’s not my goal. Now I’m nervous that I won’t be able to find a job. What should I do?

Answer from Bob Hambly RGD, Hambly & Woolley


Question:  I work in a corporate environment. How do I go about asking my boss (not a designer) to pay for an online skill-building course?

Answer from Tina Mackenzie RGD, Manager, Creative Services at the City of Mississauga


Question:  After 20+ years in the industry, at almost 10 with my last company, I lost my job. Things have changed a lot since I last looked for a job. I know digital media plays a huge part of graphic design, what requirements or qualifications do think are keys assets to being hired in the current market?

Answer from Glenda Rissman RGD & Peter Scott RGD, q30 design




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