Design from Trust
Presented by Jerry Michalski
Learn how to identify the hidden architectures of mistrust, why "consumer" is a vision-limiting insult and how to design from trust. This webinar helps you consider the ethical implications of our work and advocate for them throughout the design process.
For decades, without realizing it, designers (defined broadly) have been designing from mistrust. They lose faith in humanity and design "consumer" systems optimized for efficiency and scale, like the compulsory education system, the copyright industries and our crazy system of governance and elections. Now designers are slowly rediscovering trust, with wonderful implications.


About Jerry Michalski

In the course of a dozen years as a technology industry analyst, Jerry realized he wasn't fond of the word "consumer". Being mindful of the word led him to the idea that consumer mass-market capitalism is being replaced by interactions based on trust and authentic relationships. He calls it the Relationship Economy.


In 2010 Jerry launched REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition, which brings together change-makers in various industries to figure out how these new forces will affect their industries, companies, careers -- and the broader world.


Prior to his stint as a tech analyst, Jerry was a strategy consultant, freight rate clerk and Jungle Cruise captain. He has a BA in Economics from UCI and an MBA from The Wharton School.


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