Designing Futures
Presented by Stuart Candy
This webinar shows what designers should know about working with futures and why.
All design helps to shape the future, but few designers are equipped to deal with the full implications of that fact. What is foresight and what is it for? In what ways do design and foresight impact one another? And how can designers use experiential futures to deepen their practice and its impact?


About Stuart

Dr Stuart Candy is a futurist, transmedia storyteller, and design educator. He is currently Director of the Situation Lab and Assistant Professor of Strategic Foresight and Innovation in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University, Toronto. Over more than a decade in futures practice, Stuart has worked with organisations including Arup, UNESCO, the Sydney Opera House, IDEO, the University of Oxford, the government of Singapore, Interface, and Wired magazine. He recently helped design of the Museum of the Future at the World Government Summit in Dubai, and co-created the award-winning imagination game The Thing From The Future, which has been adopted by designers and storytellers worldwide in settings from Stanford d.School, to FutureFest in London, to the United Nations Development Program's annual strategy meeting. 


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