Request funding for your local events!

Looking to organize an event or program for designers in your community? RGD's Programs Committee wants you to request funding.


RGD's Funding Request Form allows Members to tell us about the events you'd like to organize and request funding and operational assistance.


"The Programs Committee is here to provide insight and oversight for relevant programs and events as they are requested by the RGD community at large, and to help spark ideas and encourage grassroots Member activity and culture. In short, we are here to listen to your ideas and to do what we can to help you make them happen–so bring them on!" - Jesse Gibb RGD, Chair of Programs Committee and Art Director, Carve Design


RGD Members (Certified RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Affiliate Members) residing in Canada can submit a funding request. Answer questions about your event objectives, promotion strategies and how it will contribute to the community and the Programs Committee will evaluate the request and determine if it meets our criteria for funding.


"The Sudbury Design Society is lucky to have had RGD as a sponsor for several of our local initiatives," says Jenn Taback, RGD Board Member and founding Partner at Design de Plume. "The local funding has allowed us to run events such as the 3-Point Perspectives Conference and present a viewing of the movie Design Disruptors. These events were a great success and we had tons of positive feedback. We are happy to have RGD on our side and helping us up here in Northern Ontario. Some designers can feel disconnected from our association but RGD has made great strides to make all of us feel included. We greatly appreciate the funding for these events to help our local professionals and students continue their design inspiration and training. The Local Events Funding program is truly a wonderful way for RGD to directly impact communities tied to their association."


Initiatives that receive funding will be asked to submit a report after the event to be published to the RGD website under Community News.


*The form should be submitted 30 days prior to the proposed event.


If you have any questions, email .